Google Unveils Android TV

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Google has rolled out its much awaited new Android TV platform at the I/O conference in San Francisco. It made the presentation before a bevy of television, chip and distribution partners, including Sony, LG, Sharp, Asus and Intel.

Fruits of Labor

It seemed Google's long drawn efforts at developing a new Android TV operating system has finally blossomed. At the I/O Developer Conference, Google introduced the product as the best Android TV operating system.

It is a Software

Android TV is no set-top box as in Apple or Amazon Fire TV. It is software embedded into the smart TVs and devices from third-party OEMs. Google Android TV will work with several chipsets. It will also enable Android developers to create apps using the same toolset in mobile phones and tablets.


Android TV will play movies and TV shows. All users can control it through mobile phones and tablets. In its demo made by Dave Burke, Google's engineering director, the working of the system and navigation via text or voice was displayed. He showed how to control the TV via an Android Gear smartwatch. Users can play games using platform to be controlled via smartphones and tablets by controlled streaming to the TV.

Android TV enjoys full Chromecast support. This means users can beam content from their mobile devices straight to the TV. In the new platform, users are also free to launch App Stores.

Support From Electronic Giants

Android TV platform will run on smart TVs of Sony, Sharp and TPVision and others. In a few months' time, it will be available in set-top boxes of Asus and others.

The success of Android TV adds to Google's recent with its $35 Chromecast dongle that enabled users to beam videos to TVs from mobile phone or tablet. It has been one of the top sellers on sites like Amazon. This helped developers on board to connect with its API.

The price of Android TV devices will become competitive when more smart TV platforms step in. It is expected Google will succeed in getting OEM and developer support for its living room market technology.

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