Google Unveils Android L; HTC One (M7) And (M8) Get L

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Google has brought together all global developers in its I/O conference. Its first biggest announcement was “Android L” with 5,000 new APIs and newly designed carrying Android in all other devices and not only phones and tablets.

The new design is known as “material design,” which uses the shadows and elevation to differentiate layers that are in the user's interface. The new animations give easy switch between apps and upgrade the experience altogether when new elements are seen on the screen.

For better compatibility with Android devices, the Robot font has also been updated. The lock screen is also upgraded with full list of notifications that are actionable and could be swiped to dismiss or tapped to open the apps.

Also, the heads up notifications are also introduced that appear over an open app for action. The Android L running devices will find out locations and devices with the new smarter unlock feature.

Instead of using the Dalvik virtual machine (VM) it now has art, which can be used with 64-bit architecture to improve the performance of the application.

The “Project Volta” initiates the Android L that features a lot of optimizations to improve the battery life that extends usage time by 90 minutes. The L also provides security feature by restoring the device back to factory setting if lost or stolen. There are other additional malware protection features that are available in the Google Play app store.

The other big announcement was made by HTC that it will bring Android L to both HTC One (M7) and HTC One (M8) “within 90 days of receiving final software from Google.” It is also good news for smartphone users who already bought the HTC flagship back in 2013.

HTC is at its “pre-evaluation phase” of the new software and does not provide any timeline when Android L will be available to both the devices. But it is satisfactory when the consumers buy a flagship HTC device. It definitely guarantees to get the latest software at the right time.

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