Google Ties with Novartis to Release Smart Glass Lenses

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The logo of Swiss drugmaker Novartis is seen at its headquarters in Basel
The logo of Swiss drugmaker Novartis is seen at its headquarters in Basel October 22, 2013. REUTERS

Google smart glass lenses has come as a boon to so many diabetics around the world for the patients who are worried now and then about those painful methods of checking blood sugar level. The fabulous fact of this wonder innovation is that the lense inspite of checking sugar level improves the vision of eye sight. Alcon, the eye care sub division of Novartis has amalgamated with Google to produce the lenses for the smart glass.

Innovation is the common word of passion for Google and Alcon, while Alcon will license the technology developed by Google and is also responsible for synchronising the same with its deep pharmaceutical and medical device expertise. Jeff George, the division head of Alcon announced  that the process is on fast track research in order to address the unanswered  medical needs of eye care patients around the world.

Novartis, the eye care specialist has come into an agreement with Google for the cause of managing human disease and conditions.

The smart lens technology is a non invasive technique. It works on sensors and microchips embedded within the contact lens.

Novartis explains the brief way how the lens functions:

  • The smart lens technology checks the glucose levels in the tear fluid and transmits the data to a wireless smartphone.
  • The smart lens provide accommodative vision and restores the eyes natural autofocus on nearer objects to the patients suffering from presbyopia (people who can not read with out glass).

The dual advantage of this technology is that, it has the ability to correct the vision of eye as well as for the patients who go through strenuous invasive technique of checking sugar level. These patients can heave a sigh of relief and can obtain frequent sugar level indications along with monitoring the glucose level more effectively than before.

Totally smart lens is a command able innovation from Novartis and Google which helps the mankind to fight the silent killer of the recent days. It is still unclear when this smart lens is available in the market.

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