Google Targets to Replace Nexus Phones With 'Android Silver'

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Nexus 5
Nexus 5 Screenshot from Google website

In recent years, Google's Nexus line of products has been popular among the users for its various features, especially the phone pricing like Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 5.

Based on the latest rumor, Google plans to replace the Nexus phones with a new program, "Android Silver."

Earlier this year, reports suggested Google was planning to launch its Silver program as a support service on selective smartphones. Recently, The Information reported the company will release a whole new series of high-end Silver phones from multiple manufacturers so that they get maximum features like waterproofing and voice recognition in their handsets. Also, Google will be working with handset vendors in offering devices at subsidized costs.

Through this program, Google is taking a hold over the Android system by customizing its own terms and conditions. The carriers and handset manufacturers of the current Google devices have had a control over software customization.

Google with the Android Silver program will now limit these carriers and manufacturers to transfer their data from an existing handset to their new device. The company will clean up third-party bloatware, ensure prompt and reliable software updates and introduce a real standard and consistency to the users.

As far as carriers and other retailers are concerned, Google would contribute considerable resources to promote the sale of these Silver devices, including a system for easy data transfer and new "Never Lost" phone-tracking feature.

The idea behind the replacement is to provide a wider selection of devices to the users than offering one Nexus device. Devices in this program will probably feature an untainted version of Android with a user experience similar to that of current Google devices.

LG and Motorola are thought to be early contenders to take part in Android Silver, while Samsung, HTC and Sony are considered less likely given that they have already invested in their own custom Android skins.

Companies will be launching their series of first Silver phones as early as next year in the US and other developed markets. However, Google will reportedly use in-store displays to show off the Silver devices and the Android software that they'll run.

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