Google Rolls Out Android Wear: Information Has Never Been This Handy

By @judithaparri on

Most of us have smartphones that we carry almost everywhere. The ultra useful super computers keep us connected with the people and to the world. If you think we have reached the peak of technological innovation, think again. We are simply at the starting point.

The mobile technology recently opened "wearables." Tech companies who understand the context of the world around us will make it possible for these devices to interact with us simply and efficiently with a spoken word or merely a glance.

Currently, Google announced Android wear, an endeavor which extends Android to the devices that we can wear. We start with the most familiar of wearables - watches. Going beyond time, such range of devices will come with an expansive catalog of apps:

Useful Data

We always need information and the more we need it when we are on the go. Android wear has the information we need. It is with us wherever we go. It gives information such as chats, notifications, news, hobby apps, recent posts in social apps and more.

Straight Answers And Actions to Spoken Questions and Requests

Just say to your Android watch "Ok Google" if you have questions. Questions like what is the score of the game, how many calories are in blueberries and what is your flight schedule. Say "Ok Google" to get something done like send a text message, call a taxi, set an alarm or make a reservation in a restaurant.

Ability to Monitor Health And Fitness Better

Hit your fitness goals with reminders from Android wear. Fitness apps can give real-time speed, time information and distance on your wrist while you walk, cycle or run.

Key to a Multiscreen World

With Android Wear, you can access and control other devices, all from your wrist. Just say "Ok Google" to play a song from a music playlist in your phone or cast your chosen film to your TV.

Google is working with consumer electronics manufacturers for Android wear. The list of these companies has Asus, LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola. For the chipmakers, there are Broadcom, Intel, Imagination, Qualcomm and Mediatek. Fossil Group, maker of fashionable watches is also in the list.

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