Google Pushes Back Delivery Period for Nexus 4 8GB: New Supply Shortage Looming?

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Nexus 4 resumed deliveries last week and buyers actually got what they asked for, in some cases after only three days of waiting. It appeared the shipping fiasco, as pledged by LG and Google, that marred the smartphone's launch late last year has been resolved.

Think again. Last check on Google Play saw the Nexus 4 8GB model getting another push back on delivery time. Now, the wait time has been extended to at least three weeks, the countdown starting off from the time buyers had placed the order.

Thankfully, the 16GB model of the Google-LG phone seems unaffected as Google maintained the two-week delivery period.

While Nexus 4's market movement is at normal level at the moment, observers cannot help to ask if the slight revisions would again lead to stock outs notwithstanding LG's insistence that production of the device has been ramped up and demands would be sufficiently met beginning in February.

One solid testament to LG's pronouncements is the purported release of a white Nexus 4, its existence somewhat proving that no manufacturing issues will again bog down the smartphone's global distribution.

There are instances, per reports by Gotta Be Mobile, that the Nexus 4 16GB is reaching buyers' hands much sooner, even less than a week, but this is determined by location and seemed to mostly benefit those in the United States.

In fact, the same report added, Nexus 4's delivery time is shorter now compared to its debut last year when the handset suddenly disappeared and left everyone guessing if Google and LG will ever fix the issue.

The next few weeks should prove crucial and all eyes will be on the 16GB model. Just a slight hint that Google will alter its delivery time would again dash hopes by many to play with the Nexus toy in few days' time.

But then again, if the delay is bearable, with buyers counting only weeks and not months, many would be willing to wait out. After all, paying $US299 (for the 8GB model) and $US349 (for the 16GB model) poses a good deal for everyone. Enough even, for some, to buy more patience.

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