Google Project Tango Tablet Development Kit: 5 Things to Know

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Google has recently unpacked the Project Tango tablet development kit as part of its continued efforts to give devices with a human-scale understanding of space and motion. The experimental device is packed with powerful new capabilities that Google is ready to entrust to the hands of professional developers who are interested in exploring the future of computer vision.

Here are five things to know on Google Project Tango tablet development kit:

Mobile 3D Map And Sensors

Forbes Magazine cited Google Project Tango tablet development kit has advanced sensor fusion algorithms and integrated depth sensing tools. It can make over a quarter million 3D measurements per second. The position and orientation of the 3D measurements are updated on a real-time basis. This capability will be very helpful for the visually impaired individuals as it can help them traverse unfamiliar areas. It will also be beneficial for real estate companies as they can create 360 degrees interactive tour for prospective clients.

Camera With Computer Visions

According to the Pocket-lint Ltd, Google Project Tango tablet development kit has a front-facing, rear-facing and motion-tracking camera. The high-tech cameras have computer visions allowing Google Project Tango tablet development kit to capture visual data and scan the surface of the environment on a real-time setting.

Tegra K1 Processors

Forbes Magazine also cited Google Project Tango tablet development kit has NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor that provides detailed reflective surfaces, realistic physical renders, highly dynamic range, international radiance and real-time computing. This platform was first introduced to the mobile platform during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

Powerful Specs

According to the Project Tango Web site, the 7-inch tablet development kit has impressive specs of 4 GB RAM, SoC and 128 GB of storage running on Android Kitkat 4.4. It will also have WiFi and BTLE capabilities although the 4G LTE capability will be available depending on region and carrier.

Cost And Availability

Project Tango Web site also noted the tablet development kit is limited only for professional developers for $1,024 or $1,094 in Australia. The tablets will be available at the later part of the year.

Watch the Google Project Tango tablet development kit on YouTube.

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