Google Partners with Citrix to Develop Chromebook Business-critical Windows Apps

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Citrix partners with Google to include important business Windows programs to its line of Chromebooks. According to recent information, Chromebooks have been gaining momentum across different types of organizations. In fact, many big enterprises are looking at Chromebooks to move into innovative computing platforms. 

Organizations need to provide users and its employees access to business-critical Windows apps anytime and anywhere. Business functions like sales, finance and human resource require constant access to sustain operations. 

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Chromebooks for Business together with the Citrix Receiver(TM) for HTML5 and Citrix XenApp(R) virtual app delivery solution will permit users to access all kinds of apps under Windows. The apps will be delivered with Citrix's HDX(TM) technology ensuring high-definition user experience. Apart from the secure app delivery, the company has also added collaboration support with GoToMeeting(R) Free. This is a web-based application that offers an easy and quick way to conduct videoconferencing among Chromebook users. 

This will improve the overall mobile workspace solution of the devices complete with Chrome functionalities. According to Amit Singh, President, Google Enterprise: 

"Enterprises have been steadily adopting Google Chromebooks as an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to traditional computing platforms. Citrix and Google have been working together since 2010 to ensure our customers have access to enterprise-critical Windows apps in the Chrome environment." 

"The approaching Windows XP end-of-life brings a tremendous opportunity for organizations of all types to rethink their approach to computing and transition to Chromebooks for improved manageability, security and cost savings." 

Douglas Soltesz, Vice President CIO, Budd Van Lines added: 

"With the unpredictable weather conditions this winter, Google Chromebooks became the primary tool in our disaster recovery readiness arsenal to ensure we can keep trucks moving nationwide. Employees were given a Chromebook for use inside or outside of the office and virtual access to their productivity, CRM and ERP apps." 

"Combined with Citrix virtual desktop and app delivery technology, Chromebooks are an economical, maintenance-free computing device that provides critical mobile access to our employees." 

To support fast business adoption of the Chromebooks, Citrix will also be providing a promotional discount of 25 percent under the XenApp Platinum edition. This is the first edition featuring the Citrix AppDNA(TM) application management technology.

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