Google to Open Retail Stores in the U.S. by Yearend; List of Web, Other Products Available Online

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Google is planning to open retail shops in the United States by the end of 2013. Besides the U.S., Google is also planning to open an outlet in Dublin, Ireland, as the tech firm attempts to make its products more reachable to consumers, both in-web as well as physical items.

Reports said that among the items that will be featured in these Google stores are Nexus devices, Google Chromebooks and future products that are yet to be released. Currently, Google has several in-store kiosks called Chrome Stores found in some Best Buy locations in the U.S. and several other PC World stores in the UK.

At this time, Google's products are popular via online purchasing and they feature many products in-web or physical ones.

In-Web Products

1.     Web Search which lets a user to search for billions of web pages.

2.     Mobile to get Google products on your mobile phone.

3.     News for searching of thousands of news stories in real-time.

4.     Translate supports text, web pages and files translation in over 50 languages.

5.     Blog Search which can be used to find blogs on your favorite topics.

6.     Alerts for getting email updates on the topics of your choice.

7.     Google Chrome which is a free web browser built for speed, simplicity and security.

8.     Image Search to help users search for images on the web.

9.     Drive for creating and sharing stuff in one place.

10.   Groups for mailing lists and discussion groups.

11.   Scholar which allows users to search scholarly papers.

12.   Code which includes developer tools, APIs and resources.

Products found in Google Store

1.     Accessories: Mugs, speakers, tumblers, and others items with Android or Google logo are sold in this section.

2.     Fun: The fun category includes a remote control Android, a maze pen, toys, and stuffed toys with Android or Google design.

3.     Kids: Designer clothing for kids or teens including fashionable hats, sweatpants and shorts.

4.     Office: This section includes a Chromebook Bag, ATX Pen, USB Hub and Card Reader, and Execute Tote being sold.

5.     Wearables: The general section of clothing with adult sizes. Items available include sweatshirt pullover hooded, jackets, V-neck shirts and custom caps.

6.     Google Doodle: Designs by Google with several Doodles on Demand from Art & Posters, Clothing, Cards & Postage, Home & Pets, Office Products, and Accessories.

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