Google Nexus 8 Will Arrive in April: Top 3 Things to Expect

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Google has been successful in the release of its Nexus line. The first generation Nexus 7 received both positive reviews and excellent sales. Likewise, Google also called its latest release, the Google Nexus 5, a winner. While the rest of the market expects the internet giant to release its third generation Nexus 7, recent reports suggest that Google may be planning on releasing the Nexus 8 instead. According to recent information, the slate will arrive around April. What can people expect? 

Google Nexus 7 Replacement 

Google has not divulged details on the Nexus 8 yet but this has not stopped rumors and reports from surfacing.  Analysts believe that if Google does not announce the refreshed line of the Nexus 7 then it is likely that the Nexus 8 will replace the device.  As the market waits for the final confirmation on whether the device will be coming or not, a roundup of the reports and specs should shed light on what people can expect. 

Release Date 

According to a report by T3, the initial reports about the Nexus 8 release indicate that Google will launch the device around February. However, February is nearly halfway and there are no signs of the tablet yet. The lack of information and announcement led analysts to believe that Google plans on releasing in April. It is a much firmer date according to sources. 

Expected Features 

Because the Nexus 7 left a good mark on the market, analysts believe Google is prepping the Nexus 8 to be a game changer. Among the reported features include:

  • Full HD screen - the slate may feature an stunning 2560 x 1440 screen display stepping up to products like Apple's iPad Mini and iPad Air.
  • Intel Bay Trail T-chips - these T-chips may provide a 64-bit quard core experience.
  • Android OS - since Google just released the Android 4.4 KitKat, many expect the slate to run on the same operating system unless the company releases another version.

Samsung and Apple are also set to release their refreshed lines of tablets this year. The market will have to wait for Google to announce its tablet plans to check out which slate will be their foremost option. 

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