Google Nexus 8 Release Roundup: July Production, Release Date, Specs and More

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Google's Nexus 8 has been in the headlines for quite some time now. Whereas previous reports were limited to speculations, it appears the production and release of the Nexus 8 is more concrete now. According to recent reports, production for the tablet will commence starting July or August for a future release. Likewise, the device also will a reportedly come with "high performing" devices. Can Google deliver the next best tablet? 

The tablet market has been increasingly competitive throughout the years. As tech giants like Apple and Samsung continue to push their products features and with competitors like Sony catching up, it has become a battlefield. Google proved once that it can produce high quality tablets for a good price. The Google Nexus 7 series has been a success. Whereas some analysts note Google's disappointment over the performance of the Nexus 7 2, it appears the company will not be stopping its Nexus program. 

This time, Google will reportedly try its hands on the 8-inch slate niche. According to Rhoda Alexander, the device will come with a high-performing display at 8.9 inches. Alexandaer works as the director of tablet and monitor research of HIS Technology. 

Likewise, CNET also reported that the upcoming Nexus 8 will be available in limited numbers of only. This goes against the company's previous strategy with the two Nexus 7 generations. The report also indicated that the Nexus 8 will come with a "premium price tag to support the specifications." 

For the price tag, Alexander notes that she will not be surprised to find the Nexus 8 starting over $299. This is around Rs. 18,300. The price can go even higher considering taxes and VAT considerations in other regions. It was also reported that HTC will be producing the Nexus 8 exclusively for Google.

Considering the price tag, the Nexus 8 tablet will be in direct competition to Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. The Kindle Fire features a 2560 x 1600 display resolution. If Google will be targeting this range then people can expect the same resolution from the Nexus 8 tablet. 

Digitimes also previously reported that the Nexus 8 device will feature 2K resolution or even higher. However, this will remain open for discussion until Google makes the final announcement.

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