Google Nexus 8 Release Date Nears as Nexus 7 Deals in UK Pile Up: 2014 Small Nexus Tab is Intel-Powered?

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The Nexus 8 release date from Google is said to be late April 2014 and one sign that appears to confirm it is a green light a few months from now is the plummeting tag price of the 2013 Nexus 7 build.

In UK, the 32GB and Wi-Fi only Nexus 7 is up for grabs at only £220 or roughly $335 for Aussie buyers, which according to Android Central is courtesy of online gadget retailer Expansys. The slate, running on the latest vanilla Android version, will be delivered with a free Travel Cover that Nexus 7-maker Asus is also selling.

Online shoppers can choose from up to five colour options of the same tablet case.

The same Nexus 7 variant is also offered by Game, which is £20 cheaper. There is little arguing that the deal merits load clicks and they better hurry up as the site is quite clear on its advisory: promo is valid while supplies last and apparently, the stocks at hand aren't that ma y.

Amazon UK too is playing the same game - dangling the 32GB Nexus 7 2 (no cellular access) for £205.

However, Android Central is reminding that while Game and Amazon seem to offer the better Nexus 7 deals, customers will be getting the free Asus case that is exclusive with Expansys. So it is a matter of choice for Nexus fans whether they do want to take home the tab with a pretty gadget protection or they prefer snagging the £15 or £20 savings.

But beyond this welcome Nexus 7 2 discount campaign from UK retailers and other sellers around the world is the imminent exit of the device to make way for the worthy successor. Reports coming from Asia claimed that from 7-inch, the next Nexus tab is an 8-inch and will be known as the Nexus 8.

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes has reported that the bigger Nexus compact slate will be again an Asus co-project with Google and the partnership, now on its third year, will quickly lead to Q1 2014 launch date - likely in the last week of April.

According to TechRadar, the Nexus 8 specs and features remain a well-guarded secret by Google but at least we know that the screen profile would be no less than eight inches in a diagonal stretch and the CPU to fire up the supposed iPad Mini is either a Snapdragon chip or something new from Intel.

Now the latter makes the Nexus 8 rather more interesting as Intel is better known for giving life to desktops and laptops in the past.

But what really interests at the moment is where the Nexus 7 is heading - on its way out as Google's retail partners scurry to clear out its remaining stocks, implying strongly that some two months from now the Nexus 8 release date will be upon us.

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