Google Nexus 8 Release Date Likely Soon as Tablet Rendered Highlighting Android L’s Material Design

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A Google logo is seen at the garage where the company was founded on Google's 15th anniversary in Menlo Park, California September 26, 2013. REUTERS/Stephen Lam Reuters

The Google Nexus 8 on release date is rumoured to be a master piece that will roll out from the HTC assembly lines this 2014 but a new device concept offered a glimpse of how Android L will further enhance the pure Android tab beauty.

In a one-minute plus YouTube clip by My Gadgetic (viewable here), the next Nexus tablet showcased the majestic new Android L interface that Google showcased on its I/O developers gathering last June. The Internet search giant dubbed the redesigned platform look as Material Design.

In the video, picked up by BGR, the Nexus 8 sports the familiar HTC hardware design language - slim build with semi-squared corners that gadget lovers have come across with the HTC One M7 and M8. However, while HTC is touted as the Nexus 8 maker there is no assurance that everything about the HTC One, inside and out, will be extended to the native Android slate.

For one, in spite of the concept in subject, it remains unclear if the Nexus 7 replacement will be clad in metal. HTC has used metallic housing for the M7 and M8 but a metallic Nexus 8 from the company is far from confirmed.

As BGR said on its report, "This is just a concept that has nothing to do with the actual product HTC is rumoured to be in development."

Nonetheless, My Gadgetic envisioned of a Nexus 8 that operates in 64-bit mobile computing environment - the processing chip, likely coming from Intel, NVIDIA or Qualcomm, is unison with Android L, which Google said will be fully compatible with the 64-bit system, hardware- and software-wise.

The YouTube channel also pitched the likelihood of an identical Nexus 8 and Nexus 6, inside and out, but stopped short of saying that the two devices will sport the HTC branding whey they come out of the box.

While HTC is reportedly a top candidate too for Google's Nexus 6 project, other names are also in consideration with the following apparently shortlisted Sony, Motorola, Lenovo and LG.

Back to the Nexus 8, the tablet is believed to show off a larger screen from the 7-inch Nexus 7, likely stretching up to 8.9-inch that could lead to the device being marketed as the HTC Nexus 9.

The Nexus 8 release date, likely to happen between October and November 2014, is said to be headlined by iPad-busting inner components and killer Android features though the device's biggest draw is likely its starting price of $400.

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