Google Nexus 8 on July 2014 Release Date Will Run on Vanilla Android 4.5 with Intel ‘Moorefield’ Mobile Chips – Reports

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The Google Nexus 8 release date is likely to happen on July 2014, based on reports coming from Asia, and the Asus-manufactured vanilla Android tablet is said to stand on Intel's Moorefield mobile platform.

According to Christian Post, a July global rollout for the Nexus 8 is now in the works. The same post claimed too that the information was shared by an unnamed Google executive working in Dublin, Ireland. The report originated from Taiwan where Asus is based.

The new development contradicts an earlier report by DigiTimes that the Nexus 7 replacement will go live on Google Play Store in late April.

The push back, however, appears to jibe with recent rumours that instead of using Snapdragon chips for the iPad Mini rival, Asus and Google are looking on the possibility of partnering with Intel. So far, the strongest Intel chip candidate to power the Nexus 8 is Moorefield that hums away at top-speed of 2.33GHz.

Also, with Moorefield on the Nexus 8, the tablet will have a very able GPU muscle, thanks to the PowerVR G6430 graphic engine, The Motley Fool said in a report.

It is suggested too that this mobile-optimised chip is all set for bulk shipments anytime soon and devices running on Moorefield should hit store shelves in the early months of Q3 2014, the same report added.

Now the schedule is right smack in the middle of Google's supposed release calendar for the Nexus 8, which Android watchers believe is programmed for a sneak peak at the annual I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.

Android chief Sundar Pichai has already revealed that the I/O gathering will be on June 24 and 25. Right after Pichai's declaration, speculations started flying - that the Nexus 8 will debut via the event and it will become available in the immediate weeks that will follow.

The most logical date in mind is July, likely in the latter part of the month. And part of the new Nexus slate package is the replacement for KitKat 4.4.2, which many assume as Android 4.5 that blogs reports refer to as either Lollipop or Key Lime Pie.

Apart from the possibility that Google will deploy a new Android build with an Intel-powered Nexus 8, most of the specs and features of the device remains a mystery.

Yet according to The Motley Fool, if Moorefield will indeed end up with the Nexus 8 on its release date, Nexus lovers can surely expect the tablet to show off impressive capabilities that will come with the same affordable pricing that Google's hardware is known for.

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