Google Nexus 8 is HTC Nexus 9 on Release Date with 8 Confirmed Killer Android Features

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The rumoured Nexus 8 is actually the Nexus 9 on release date, a new report said, and is internally referred to by Google as Volantis that will be assembled by Taiwan-based gadget manufacturer HTC.

In a report, Android Police called the new Nexus tablet details as solid information and is supported by an image that depicts the premium-built tablet with the top-of-the-line specs and features outlined beside the device.

The tech site also made efforts to enhance the supposed Nexus 8/9 photo and the result highlighted the two-tone finish, white on the back cover and black on the front panel, of the device with a slim profile that is comparable to that of the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Earlier reports had indicated that Google's switch from Asus to HTC on the Nexus 8/9 will make the native Android slate a high-end kit that will give it a better fighting chance against Apple's industry leading tablets.

It appears now that the speculations about the purported iPad killer from Google are mostly true and with the latest leaks provided by Android Police, eight specs and features of the Nexus 8 or Nexus 9 have been practically confirmed.

8.9-inch display with 2K screen resolution

From the 7-inch Nexus 7, Google is said to jump to an 8.9-inch for the Nexus 8/9 and the main reason for the upgrade is to provide a mid-size alternative to that of the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the 9.7-inch iPad Air.

The new report also backed the earlier suggestions of a 2K display or 2048 x 1440 screen pixels with pixel density of 281ppi.

64-bit NVIDIA Logan Tegra K1 chip

Following the Apple path, Google is deploying its latest Nexus with a 64-bit Logan Tegra K1 processor that is made by NVIDIA, which according to Phone Arena will easily best previous NVIDIA-made chips and that of the Qualcomm-forged Snapdragon 801.

Robust and svelte metallic build

HTC is reportedly employing the aluminium zero-gap construction with the Nexus 8/9 that first came into light when the HTC One M7 hit the market in early 2013. Also, the final cut is likely 'heavier and thicker' compared to the 2014 competition but is sure to be tougher, all thanks to the device's metal chassis.

Killer camera combo

On the shooting cam department, the next Nexus is set to deliver an 8MP main shooter that comes with enhancements such as optical image stabilisation. The front camera is bestowed with a very selfie-friendly 3MP sensor.

Memory provisions

For random access, the max for Nexus 8/9 is 2GB while for read-only, the device is given up to 32GB of on-board memory. It is not clear if the slate will have storage expansion capabilities on debut time though the feature is not a Nexus signature.

Front-driving stereo speakers

Unlike its rivals, the upcoming Nexus tab will have its speakers blasting sound directly on users' face, which for some experts deliver better listening pleasure.

Latest Android

As the Nexus 8/9 will make its way to the market shortly after the Google I/O event this week, from which the latest Android version is expected to emerge, it is almost certain that the device will run on Android 4.5 or whatever the Internet search giant will serve up.

Reasonable pricing

On release date, the Nexus 8 will retail at $400 for the 16GB variant and $500 for the 32GB edition, Android Police said on its report, adding that an LTE model is likely on the pipeline, which will sport a sticker price of over $600.

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