Google Nexus 8 Confirmed as HTC T1 aka Volantis/Flounder with Freshly-Leaked Specs & Features – Reports

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More leaked details appear to confirm that the upcoming HTC T1 tablet will be the Google Nexus 6 on release date as the fresh torrent of tweets revealed the device's market destination and accessories.

Before August 2014 ended, @UpLeaks, who seemingly replaced the recently retired @evleaks in providing exciting information on forthcoming devices, let out series of tweets that revealed some juicy details about the HTC T1.

In the first revelation, @UpLeaks teased that the T1, which he maintained is the Nexus 8, will come out of the box with a sufficient supply of accessories - case cover and keyboard alike.

"HTC T1 accessories; Magic Cover Leather (Natural/Black), Magic Cover TPU (Coral Amethyst/Mint Indigo/Lime Stone/Indigo Black), Keyboard Folio," said the shout out on August 30.

In his second tweet, @UpLeaks seemed to confirm that the stock Android tab will the market in Wi-Fi and cellular versions and among the countries to initially get the device are Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and Korea.

This next Nexus is destined to "soooooo many countries," the gadget scooper said, hinting that fans from Asia and Europe are sure to play around with the device very soon.

The series of tweets, however, stopped short of saying when exactly is the HTC T1 coming to town.

Earlier, the same leak source echoed the prevailing belief among the Android universe that Google has chosen HTC to build the Nexus 7 successor, which is an 8.9-inch device that goes by the internal name Flounder or Volantis.

It is also alleged that the Nexus 8 is a beast that will draw its power from a dual-core 64-bit Tegra K1 processing chip. The CPU's existence was recently affirmed in a press release issued by NVIDIA, which highlighted the Project David chip's top-notch performance capabilities and high energy-efficient quality.

And like its Nexus 6 cousin, the Nexus 8 or 9 (owing to its near 9-inch profile) will be the first Android device to benefit from the Android L experience that Google had previewed during the 2014 edition of its annual I/O Developers Conference last June.

In a recent report, it was suggested that the upcoming Android edition is actually the build 5.0 that will effectively end the 4x-series. By replacing KitKat 4.4x, Google will reportedly label the next Android version as Lemon Meringue Pie or LMP.

So LMP is likely coming out with the Nexus 8 release date on November 2014, per projections by Android watchers, or a few weeks after the deemed Nexus 6 rollout in October.

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