Google Nexus 8 Confirmed Based on Android 4.4.3 KitKat Changelog

By @peevesky on

Google's Nexus 8 has been spotted several times in the past few weeks. According to a recent sighting of a changelog under the Android Open Source Project (ASOP), it appears Google has been preparing for the release of the HTC-made slate. The company has also been reportedly working on the Android TV to be released within the same period as the Nexus 8. 

Fish and Android are two completely different things unless Google's codenaming tradition comes into light. Google has the affinity to label its Nexus devices after sea creatures. For instance, Nexus 4 came out as Mako, Nexus 10 came out as Manta whereas Nexus 5 came out as Hammerhead. Nexus 7 was labeled Grouper and the second generation was Razor. 

According to a report by ZDNET, the Android 4.4.3 published under the Android Open Source Project featured a device named Flounder. It was also related to HTC. This appears to confirm the long drawn out speculation that Google chose HTC to develop the next Nexus device. 

According to Myce, following initial reports of the device called Flounder, deeper investigation lead an XDA Developers member to discover references to the device under the Android source code. The source code does not provide as many details but it does give insight about Google's next move about its Nexus program.

The changelog is no longer available from the Android Git file but GitHub has a copy showing the referenced tablet as "project device/htc/flounder." Previously, analysts felt that Google decided to make the switch from the 7-inch device to the 8-inch model to explore more opportunities. The 7-inch tablet sector is saturated with competition. Not many companies have ventured into the 8-inch fold. 

Google has not made any official announcements about the device. The closest possible lead that analysts can think of is during the Google I/O Conference. The company may shed more light on its upcoming devices and updates at the event. 

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