Google Nexus 7: Top Users' Complaints


Google joined the bandwagon with the Google Nexus 7. While this attracted a good following, with an affordable price matched with potentially great specs, it also attracted several unsatisfied customers who have less than great comments about the device.

Here are some of the problems that most Google Nexus 7 users complain about, and potential solutions to improve the user experience.

Charging problems after 4.2 Jelly Bean upgrade

Users who have upgraded to the 4.2 Jelly Bean may have experienced certain charging issues, which involve difficult reboot or recharging of the device once it has been left to drain completely. Other device problems also includes autoscreen brightness, problems with the Bluetooth,

The fix:

According to Phones Review, Droid-Life has already come up with a solution. You need to plug your device to the charger and press Volume Down and Power at the same time. The bootloader menu will appear, which is the signal to press the Volume Down button in order to see the Power Off Device tab.

If done correctly, you will need to disconnect the phone from the charger, and reconnect the device to see the battery meter's charging mode. However, Phones Review does not guarantee that it will work for all models of the Google Nexus 7.

Unresponsive touch screen

Other users may have also experienced a responsiveness issues with the touch screen. How to Geek reports that this does not mean a broken touch sensor, but rather an incompletely responsive one.

Instead of sensing all the swiping motions, the Google Nexus 7 would only distinguish the first half of the swipe.

The fix:

The problem was rooted in one of the preinstalled apps, the Google Currents. According to How to Geek, you have to check your Settings if the app automatically syncs with the background, and you would need to uncheck the option to improve the performance of the touch screen.

Faulty microphone

For those who may have tried using the microphone, there may be times when the Google Nexus 7 microphone does not seem to pick up any sound.

The fix:

Digital Trends reports that this could be a simple matter of the placement o the microphone or a misplaced cover. Or there may be something blocking the sound from being received.

The way to fix this can be tricky in itself, because you may be risking the possibility of voiding the warranty. The best way to deal with this matter-after you've checked that it's not a matter of misplacement on your part-is to consult with customer support and return your purchase for a replacement device.

The problem could be as worse as having a faulty microphone or a missing hole for the feature.

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