Google Nexus 7 2 Release Likely This Week: 3 New Things to Know

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July was the month when Google issued the first Nexus 7 last year and with Jelly Bean 4.3 likely touching down 12 months after, a July 2013 release date for the Nexus 7 2 is gaining more momentum.

The same month in 2012, Google's first 7-inch tablet hit the Play Store with a freshly cooked up Jelly Bean. Now that the mobile platform is headed to its final build, before Key Lime Pie makes it entry later this year, it's only logical that the Jelly Bean-Nexus 7 2 combo will repeat the simultaneous show dished out by Google last year.

Motorola is reportedly sharing something big on July 11 and all indications seem to suggest, as asserted in numerous reports, that Jelly Bean 4.3 will be part of the unveiling since the phone maker is now a Google-owned company.

So the likelihood is, Nexus 7 2 will arrive in the coming days along with the new Android sweets and amidst the flood of speculations surrounding the twin releases, listed below are three things to expect from the package that Google will drop.

The first of the Big 3

Last year, three names emerged as the prime movers in the small tablet class. Amazon started the fire with its Kindle Fire HD and Google further flared up the heat by coming up with the cheap and powerful Nexus 7.

But it is the iPad Mini which stole the thunder from the two. Not necessarily the best of the crop, in terms of power and solid pricing, the Mini tablet from Apple quickly climb up the charts and smoked its rivals, Samsung's Galaxy Tab series including. Analysts attribute the Mini's success to its sheer beauty, an Apple signature, and its iOS pedigree that delivered to users a very wide world of tablet life.

This time around, it is the Nexus 7 2 which will draw the first blood, with the iPad Mini 2 not expected to make its appearance until November or December this. Also, the next Kindle Fire edition from Amazon is likely to rollout anytime within Q4 2013, thereby giving the Google tablet a sizable headstart.

Premium specs packed and sealed in a compact body

The first Nexus 7 won raves by providing a winning deal - affordable price with powerful capabilities all rolled into one compact gadget. CNET called the device the best Android tablet to come out in 2012 and many agreed. It is easy to love a gizmo that is easy on the pocket, a breeze to use and sexy in black at the same time.

For the second coming, Google is hardly scrimping. The 7 2 is said to win more hearts thanks to a quad-core Snapdragon chip that clocks beyond the 2GHz mark. It is also armed with a 5MP main shooter and 1.2MP on secondary plus the 1080p screen resolution is touted as iPad Mini 2 killer, regardless of the Retina panel.

Plus, the possibility of a sexier and lighter built, less bezel around the screen and thinner than before but still a certifiable black beauty.

Bonuses explode in platform and pricing

Yet the main lure of the Nexus 7 2 is Google's pricing models for all its Nexus devices. They brim with undeniable power but they remain accessible, almost for everyone. For the 7 2, the damage of owning it will not exceed $220, that is if reports proved true that a slight price will be in effect from last year's introductory of $199. Easily, the manner Google sells its hardwares make them as the most solid line up in the planet. Cheaper alternatives exist but they are no match to the Nexus muscle - both in hardware and software.

Which brings us to the ultimate point - what's inside of Nexus 7 2 is rivalled only by Apple's iPad Mini and the former is more affordable so the choice for many is quite obvious. Out of the box, it is Jelly Bean 4.3 that users will get from the Android slate and it is pure. No bloats or whatsoever.

One final bonus is the notion that once Google get going in dispatching KLP later, it is written in stone that Nexus 7 2 owners will get the iOS 7 rival first among the millions of Android tablet owners.

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