Google Nexus 7 2 is Asus K008/K009: Release Date of the Jelly Bean 4.3 Tablet is July or August

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Asus reportedly cleared another hurdle for the supposed release date of the Jelly Bean 4.3-powered Nexus 7 2 this July, providing another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that forms Google's 7-inch tablet version 2.0.

The Taiwanese device maker recently obtained a certification from Radio Research Agency (RRA), which according to Blog of Mobile is a sub-agency of South Korea's FCC. The tech blog site reported that Asus' filings pertains to clearance in won for the LTE access of a tablet bearing the model number K009.

Previous reports have indicated that Asus is building two 7-inch tablets that are known for now as K008 and K009. These slates are generally assumed as Nexus 7 2 variants, with the former as the Wi-Fi only version and the latter with a faster wireless broadband access.

Touted as the first Android slate to show off Jelly Bean 4.3, likely to launch later this month, the device is bestowed with specs that potentially would make it an iPad Mini killer. Its alleged screen resolution of 1900 x 1200 will draw power from a quad-core Snapdragon 600.

And unlike the first make, Google will deliver the second Nexus 7 with a complete camera menu - 5MP on rear and 1.2MP on front. Storage options are 32GB and 16GB without provision for extra memory to encourage users to actually access Google Drive.

The RRA filing adds up to the growing hints that Nexus 7 2 is hitting Google Play Store soon though there were indications that distributing partners of Google will ramp up the tablet's global availability.

Network service providers in the U.S. and UK are thought to pick up the native Android tablet with other key gadget retailer likely joining the push, which should further enhance the already attractive Nexus 7 2 package.

With possible subsidies to be dangled by telcos and other players, the purported $199 starting price of the device could shrink significantly with the likelihood that some sellers would offer the slate for free in exchange for contracts.

Google is rumoured to slightly increase the price point of Nexus 7 2 on release date, likely between $220 and $250, but the tag remains solid compared to iPad Mini's initial asking price of $329.

Pitting the two in a dogfight, Nexus overwhelms the Mini in features and specs, experts said, making it easier for tablet buyers to make their choice.

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