Google Nexus 6 Release Date Update: 5 Minimum Killer Specs & Features to Watch For

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As reports seem to firm up that Motorola, under Lenovo's wings, will be responsible for the 2014 Nexus 6 release date, the attention inevitably shifts to the vanilla Android device's superlative build and capabilities.

For clearer perspective on what to expect, Android fans turn to the LG-build Nexus 5, which by no means is nothing short of impressive. The handset is light, slim, powerful and pretty and more importantly, is quite successful in improving the missteps of the Nexus 4 - also an LG device.

It is almost automatic that Nexus followers would expect much better serving from the Nexus 6.

LG, however, is likely to bid adieu to the 2014 Nexus smartphone undertaking as persistent rumours suggest Google is tapping another player for its flagship project - this time closer to home and the name Motorola immediately floats around.

While Google is set to relinquish ownership of Motorola to Lenovo, the tech giant is not severing ties at all. By virtue of the deal, Google wins a stake in Lenovo and it only makes sense that for its pet endeavour, the company should not look too far on whom to entrust the Nexus 6.

The Lenovo-Motorola tandem is not exactly anywhere near Apple or Samsung, in terms of standing but the married entity boasts of separate golden moments. Lenovo is a top PC and hardware vendor while Motorola is a trusted Android brand, proofs of which are the Moto X and the Moto G.

So to say that with Lenovo and Motorola - the Nexus 6 is in good hands - is an understatement. In fact, with the duo on board the Nexus platform the upcoming iPhone 6 rival is only expected to bring jaw-dropping specs and features to the table.

And the minimum expectations of which are briefly provided below:

True 8-core processing chip

Octa-core came to full consumer's consciousness last year via the Galaxy S4 but while the device has the capacity, eight-core function, meaning the chips are fired up in full blast at the same time, is hardly a reality.

With the Nexus 6, full 8-core CPU humming has a greater chance of approaching reality and in case Google would order Exynos chips from Samsung, then the device could even get a 64-bit treatment.

4GB of RAM or more

Last year, Samsung introduced 3GB of RAM with the GS4 and the Galaxy Note 3. A step higher is likely for 2014 as the 64-bit mobile computing standard that Apple introduced with the iPhones 5S could be easier implement.

With 64-bit chip giving life to the Nexus 6, 4GB of RAM is but the minimum. Anything higher is sky is the limit, almost.

Phablet-size display with 2K resolution

Going big in screen size is a point of no return for smartphones and there is little doubt that Google is definitely running in the same race. The Nexus 5 almost breached the 5-inch mark with its 4.99-inch screen.

The upgrade is coming down really big this time, likely between 5.5-inch and 6-inch if the current crop of Android smartphones is to be the bass. And the screen will scream of eye-popping 2K resolution, which could even be the minimum.

16MP or 20MP rear cam sensor

Some experts insist the camera megapixel race is silly but most of the major players are dancing along with the emergent tune and Google is no different. The company has previously bragged that camera of upcoming Nexus devices will be insanely impressive.

To be sure, anywhere between 8MP and 20MP is impressive for consumers so expect Google to demand from the next Nexus maker to push the limit of megapixel threshold that is currently available.

The best Android build there is

The Nexus brand is directly associated to pure Android form at its best and latest form and for sure, the Nexus 6 will usher in a build that is higher and better - in functions and interface - than KitKat 4.4.2.

It could be Android 4.5 or Lollipop or Key Lime Pie but ultimately Google will have the last say on how sweet the next Android would be.

Reports say that the Nexus 6 release date is set in the second quarter of 2014, likely between late April and early May.

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