Google Nexus 6 on Release Date is Powered by 8-Core 64-Bit Snapdragon 810 SoC Chip – Reports

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Nexus 6
Nexus 6 Screenshot from YouTube Video

Just what a beast the Google Nexus 6 is on its rumoured release date in the second half of 2014? It appears Snapdragon chipmaker Qualcomm has the answer.

According to DigiTimes, Qualcomm is likely to supply the powerhouse CPU that will fire up the Nexus 6 and it will be the monster Snapdragon 810, which matches the 64-bit mobile computing muscle that Apple had pushed out last year via the iPhone 5S.

But unlike the A7 chip in the 5S, the new Snapdragon 810 will boast of eight core chips, courtesy of four ARM Cortex-A57 CPUs and four Cortex-A53 CPUs. The latter, according to DigiTimes, is governed by ARM's big.LITTLE configuration that allows for scalable tweaks in order to fine tune the device's performance, which in this is the Nexus 6

On the graphic side, the next Nexus smartphone is likely to rely on an Adreno GPU to bring to life the device's screen panel, which is expected to stretch a bit further from the Nexus 5's 4.9-inch screen size. However, reports suggest that the Nexus 6 will merely reflect the 1080p display resolution that its predecessor has delivered in November 2013.

This latest Snapdragon chip is expected to mirror most of the Snapdragon 800 offerings, Phone Arena said in a report, save for the former's speed and brawn both in the CPU and GPU departments. Recall that the 800 is the power behind the LG-built Nexus 5.

Previously, the Nexus 6 is rumoured for the Snapdragon 805 that Qualcomm is set to release in May this year. But with the 810 seemingly all set for mass production and distribution in Q3 2014, Google is more likely to tap the latest and more powerful SoC chip.

Yet the final say on the matter rests on Google, specifically when the tech giant is planning to let out the Nexus 5 refresh.

There were reports that say the Nexus maker is eyeing a July 2014 rollout for its flagship smartphone, which will debut via the company's I/O Developers Conference on June 24. On the same event, the Nexus smartwatch will be unveiled too, according to numerous reports.

If this is the case, then Google will have to pick the 805, that is if the object is to bring the Nexus 6 to the market in time and without supply hiccups.

However, should Google will stick to its exiting release calendar for the next Nexus, pointing the issuance between September and November this year, there is much room to wait for the Snapdragon 810.

Then another crucial concern: Which manufacturer to tap for the Nexus 6 production? At the moment, expert view the contest as a toss between LG and Lenovo-Motorola. LG is in consideration due to its good track record working with Google, which led to the fairly successful Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Lenovo and Motorola, on the other hand, are inside Google's radar because of the $3 billion deal that Google and Lenovo inked. If Google would want the Nexus project to remain in-house, the company would award the honours to Motorola or Lenovo.

In any case, whichever manufacturer to handle or whatever chip is inside of the Nexus 6, its release date is surely an event to watch for with the device brimming with powerful specs and killer features that are bump ups from the Nexus 5.

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