Google Nexus 6 Release Date Nears as Motorola Trims Down Moto X Price Tag by $70?

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Motorola has chopped down the Moto X price point by $70 and if recent rumours are to be believed, this could signal an earlier than expected Google Nexus 6 release date this 2014.

Droid Life has reported that the Moto X became even more tempting, beginning this week, as the price marks were pulled down that left the 16GB variant selling for only $330 and the more spacious 32GB model at $380.

This sumptuous deal is available online via the and per the same report from Droid Life, the promotional campaign will only last until February 22.

So Android fans looking to scoop up a cool handset will definitive killer specs and features must hurry up lest they will miss the inclusive loots that come with the bargain Moto X package. Each unit snagged entitles buyers to take home too free phone customisations, specifically the faux wood-finish back panel replacements that are worth $25.

Take note too that the offering is lumped with a contract from network service providers, which of course is the case for U.S.-based buyers.

However, the more exciting implications attached with plummeting Moto X price tags is the likelihood that the move is in preparation of something bigger - that is the Nexus 6 release date that Google could advance by a few months from the original schedule.

Going back a bit, the Moto X was rumoured as the Nexus 4 replacement prior to the latter's issuance last year. But as it turned out, South Korea's LG reprised its act as the Nexus smartphone maker and rolled out the Nexus 5.

This year though, Motorola may finally snatch the Nexus project from LG as Google is set to turnover ownership of the device maker to Lenovo. Yet the Nexus maker is getting part-ownership in return, which analyst read as a solid enough indicator that the upcoming Nexus 6 project is a Lenovo-Motorola undertaking.

And why not when Motorola has won raves for the Moto X despite the gadget lacking the muscles when compared with the biggies like the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4. But Motorola compensated sufficiently by packing its 2013 flagship with features that impressed tech experts.

Furthermore, Motorola's chance was boosted by the entry of Lenovo. According to analysts, if Google is looking to deploy the next Nexus to more locations and expand its reach, then it shouldn't look beyond the Chinese PC maker.

The consensus is, Google will make the Nexus 6 more accessible to users worldwide, starting off with China, and where Lenovo is an established brand that enjoys wide following.

But of course nothing is written in stone for now as far as the next vanilla Android smartphone from Google is concerned.

Regardless, Android fans can look forward to get a glimpse of the Nexus 6 on late May or early June 2014 - a schedule that coincides with Google's annual I/O Developers Conference - with the release date to following in the immediate weeks ahead, likely bearing Android 4.5, high-end components inside and reasonable pricing.

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