Google Nexus 6 Release Date Nears as KitKat 4.4.3 & Moonshine (Android 4.5 or 5.0) Arrival Seemingly Confirmed?

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Nexus 6
Nexus 6 Screenshot from YouTube Video

Waiting time for the Google Nexus 6 release date this 2014 appears to have been shortened further as its maker reportedly provided solid hints of major touchdowns to occur soon - that of key Android updates at successive pace.

First to hit the update pipeline is KitKat 4.4.3, which according to Android Police bears the build number KTU48F.

The new Android sweet will initially flavour the Nexus 5 version offered by U.S. telco Sprint, purportedly to "enable Sprint Spark on Bands 26 and 41 along with providing miscellaneous Android updates," Android Central said on its report.

Shortly after inhabiting the soon-to-exit Nexus smartphone, the newer KitKat version will also start hitting other Nexus 5s across the globe, as well as the existing Nexus devices.

Then Google will soon unwrap the Nexus 6?

Perhaps, but not before Moonshine gets its programmed job done. Moonshine, according to BGR, is the next Android edition that previous reports have alternately referred to as build 4.5 or 5.0 with the actual nickname still unknown.

This next Android appears as Google's direct answer to the makeover that Apple has started with the iOS 7 and is expected to be sustained with iOS 8. Along that line, the upcoming mobile OS will somehow reflect an overall flatter design compared to the earlier Android versions.

Specifically, the Moonshine app icons seem to take after their Google website counterparts, BGR said, pointing to the leaked screenshots that Android Police has separately published (viewable here).

The renders appear credible as Android Police noted that source of the images is a Google insider - someone "familiar with the new designs."

Now that most of the important elements are set, should it follow that the next Nexus grand rollout is anytime soon?

It could be as final build of the device seems to be underway with reports pointing to three likely manufacturers namely HTC, Motorola (or Lenovo) and LG. Note that the latter enjoys bit of an edge being the assembler of the last two versions - the Nexus 4 and 5.

And if indeed LG is the Google handpicked, then Nexus fans can expect the sixth edition to boast of a Quad HD 5.5-inch display panel that beams out clips and images in 2K resolution or 2560 x 1440 screen pixels with pixel density of up to 530ppi.

These incredible screen specs are allegedly packed with the upcoming LG G3, successor to the LG G2 that in turn was the pattern that Google had used for the Nexus 5.

Hence the imminent G3 arrival sparks valid speculations that the next Nexus coming is not too far.

Per Google, the Nexus 6 release date will take shape in the second half of 2014, likely between July and August or shortly after the LG G3 official outing in late May or early June.

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