Google Nexus 6 Release Date is July 2013; Base Model is LG G3 with Killer 13MP Rear Cam Sensor – Reports

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Another interesting clue that the Nexus 6 release date is on July 2014 just came out, in the form of a handset codenamed LG-D972 that fresh blog reports alluded to as the LG G3.

According to Phone Arena, South Korean tech firm LG is refreshing its 2013 flagship, the LG G2, a little early this year and the plan is to debut the device in July. As expected, the replacement will bear the name LG G3.

Almost automatically, the rumour mill generated exciting talks that the handset is likely the Nexus 6 since the Nexus 5 was patterned after the LG G2. Note that since the Nexus 4, Google has been partnering with LG and the latter has been modelling the vanilla Android smartphone after its top-notch devices.

And the same approach is likely to be employed with the 2014 Nexus iteration.

The report, however, from Phone Arena, which is based on an intel provided by a source named 'Geek', was short on details. There was no mention on awesome specs and no image of the phone was furnished. The only evidence that the LG G3 or LG-D972 is real is a sample picture that purportedly was captured using the G3 camera.

The image (viewable here) supposedly boasts of a stunning 4160 x 2342 resolution, which the report said flashes "outstanding details."

Producing such impressive image quality was made possible by the killer camera features packed by LG with its upcoming flagship, BGR said in a separate report.

"(The) LG G3 has almost same camera as LG G Pro 2 - with OIS+, 13 MP sensor, etc.," BGR quoted Geek as saying.

Geek also hinted that the G3 unveiling could come as early as July this year and the quick refresh move from LG makes sense as earlier reports suggest that the LG G2 was not selling too well. The company would want to recover quickly by unleashing a replacement as soon as possible.

And the timing suits well too with the likelihood that LG will reprise its role as the honoured Nexus phone maker. Google has already flagged that its annual I/O Developers Conference will kick off in June 24 and that announcement led to speculations that the tech giant will uncloak the 2014 Nexus smartphone using the same event.

So looking forward for a Nexus 6 grand market entry anytime within July 2014 is not impossible at all, that is if the LG G3 is indeed the chosen one by Google.

Prior to the G3, Nexus fans are also looking to the LG G Pro 2 as possible template of the beloved pure Android device. Another candidate is the second Moto X edition that according to Motorola is touching down between late August and early September this year.

The last say, of course, rests with Google - which device maker to pick and when to let out the next Nexus mobile phone that is touted as the closest would-be rival to the upcoming iPhone 6.

Experts believe that the Nexus 6 release date will most likely stay inside the pre-set Google calendar for all Nexus devices though the earliest possibility is September 2014.

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