Google Nexus 6 is LG G3 Codenamed ‘LG B2’ – On Course for July 2014 Release Date as LG Flagship Set for June Debut

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The Google Nexus 6 release date is likely to take place as early as July 2014 even as its rumoured base-model, the LG G3, is reportedly set for commercial rollout in June 18 or 19.

The next LG hero phone, according to, is actually a device that is codenamed for now as LG B2. Pointing to an unnamed source, the tech sited added that the same handset is lined up for debut in early June with a target on the 19th at the latest.

It is alleged that LG is gunning for an earlier release of its flagship smartphone compared to the previous models in order to better compete with the likes of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. The latter, however, is set to hit the market starting on April 11.

But what really is exciting about the upcoming Android phone from LG is the prospect of its 'twin' coming out shortly, which many believe is the Nexus 6.

The projection makes sense as Google is also scheduled to stage its annual I/O Developers Conference on June 24, in which Android fans are expecting the tech giant to unwrap new products and services.

Possible to hog the limelight during the I/O gathering is the Android 4.5 or Lollipop and the device that will first showcase its fresh look and capabilities. The logical choice for many is the Nexus 6 and should that take form as expected then the smartphone would go live via the Google Play Store in the immediate weeks after the I/O event.

The whole scenario then points to a July 2014 availability for the Nexus 5 successor.

And basing on the recent leaks, a Nexus 6 patterned after the LG G3 is one beastly smartphone that will boast of irresistible build and features.

It will be sturdy enough thanks to a body build that is a combination of tough casing material with Corning Glass protecting the 5.5-inch display panel. The latter is also reported to showcase a 2K display resolution or up to 2560 x 1440 screen pixels.

Protecting the entire Nexus make is IP67 certification, which means the phone is able to repel liquid and element intrusion.

The inner muscles will draw power from a quad-core Qualcomm-made processing chip, which could be Snapdragon 805 or 810, both with 64-bit mobile computing capabilities. Any of the CPU will work with the latest Adreno graphic engine and tap into 4GB of RAM.

But the biggest draw of the Nexus 6, like in previous iterations, is its affordable pricing on release date, likely to range from $350 to $400 that will cover the device's high-end capabilities.

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