Google Nexus 6 on 2014 Release Date with Android 4.5 Will Unpack These 5 Feature Upgrades

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The Google Nexus 6 on release date is fully expected to showcase incredible component and feature upgrades from the handset that it intends to bump off - the LG-assembled Nexus 5.

While Google reportedly remains undecided on what brand (LG, HTC and Motorola-Lenovo are the prime candidates so far) that the vanilla Android device will sport out of the box, what the kit can do - the features and functions - are somehow filling up thanks to numerous leaks and reports.

Below are the five Nexus 6 headline features that most likely will make the final cut come its rumoured debut time a few months from now:

Phablet profile but not too massive

Will Google upsize the Nexus 6 build? It is a big possibility considering that the smartphone will have to duke it out with major and minor challengers alike that are hulking both in footprint and capabilities.

By the time the next (and likely the last) Nexus phone comes out, it find itself in direct collision course with the flagships from Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and even Apple, which is persistently rumoured to soon uncage a 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

Google will likely upgrade from the 4.99-inch Nexus 5 but the consensus among keen Android watcher is the jump will not be an overkill. The most that the company will approve is a screen profile that stretches 5.2-inch diagonally, experts said, somehow positioning the LG G3 as the strongest base-model to be of the Nexus 6.

2K display resolution in 520ppi density

Display experts, according to earlier reports, have pointed out this year that the rumoured 2K display for smartphones are best rendered on large panels, meaning the 5-inch and beyond class. If indeed the Nexus 6 will come out with a screen that is least 5.2-inch in size then it makes sense for Google to impress the Android universe with screen pixels that breach the 1080p mark.

The Nexus 6 with a 2K panel will deliver an eye-popping screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 that beams out 520 pixels per inch. In case LG is the builder, the technology behind it is the Quad HD display rendering that the company will reportedly bring out in the open on May via the LG G3.

64-bit or the best quad-core chip available

It is generally anticipated that the sequel to the Nexus 5 is nothing short of being a monster device, relying on a powerhouse processing chip for its beastly characteristics. Google has yet to confirm anything but the possibility is there that the next Nexus will follow the iPhone 5S way - that is having a 64-bit CPU.

Or more realistically, the Nexus 6 will boast of the mightiest quad-core Snapdragon chip in the market by time it becomes available. The immediate benefits would be up 3GB of RAM or even 4GB if 64-bit would materialise.

Always on

Despite slugging it out with super-phones, the mid-range Moto X made a mark and experts are in agreement that one of the reasons it was a success is the Always on feature that Motorola coded with Google Now.

This feature - the ability to prompt the Nexus 6 into action from the Sleep Mode state - nor occupies the top wish list of native Android fans and it's unthinkable that Google would skip its deployment in the upcoming device.

Fingerprint sensor

Apple stated the rage with Touch ID in the iPhone 5S and as expected, Samsung followed suit with its Galaxy S5. The likelihood, LG will take the same route with its upcoming G3 flagship and others will do the same.

So there is no reason for Google not to allow the inclusion of biometric technology with the Nexus 6 package, which should give the device a security protection that is tough to crack and a safer mobile computing experience for its users.

The latest chatter among Android fans points to Q3 2014 as the earliest possible Google Nexus 6 release date, which should after the company's I/O Developers Conference this year that is set on June 24 and 25 with Android 4.5 or 5.0 likely part of the revelation.

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