Google Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5S: 4 Killer Features of New KitKat Device that Easily Rout its iOS 7 Rival

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It's no secret that the new Nexus 5 is chiefly armed to neutralise its number one foe - the iPhone 5S, and in doing so Google will complete its dominance of the global smartphone arena thanks to its latest hero smartphone.

But is the Nexus 5 up to the task and finally slay the premium handset that delivers billions of revenues to Apple? What exactly are the new killer features that Google brought to the table with the KitKat-powered device? Will they be enough to match the attraction that Apple has commanded among its millions since the first iPhone was introduced?

The list below offers four of the major handset functions and features that Google and LG have cooked up for the Nexus 5, hopefully making the device a real iPhone killer:

Monster processing chips and higher RAM

Apple introduced 64-bit computing with the A7 chips that it deployed with the iPhone 5S and with the move, Apple boldly labelled its 2013 flagship as forward-looking. The boasted too that the iPhone ecosystem is being configured, at accelerated rate, so users can actually benefit to the faster and more advanced mobile computing standard.

Google immediately countered by equipping the LG Nexus 5 with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip that wallops on a top-speed of 2.3GHz. And to ensure that overall performance is snappy and error free, a 2GB of RAM was included in the package, effectively surpassing the 5S' 1GB RAM provision.

As a bonus, the Nexus 5 can also depend on an Adreno 330 graphic workhorse to fire up its immersive screen display rendering, which Google has hardwired with the recoded Android 4.4 or KitKat.

Screen display supremacy

Reviewers called the Nexus 5 a beast when it comes to screen prowess. It has a 1080p display resolution that floods the phone viewing panel with pixel density of 440ppi. The numbers easily eclipse the 5S' Retina-powered screen with only 326 of pixel per inch occupying the front panel.

But the contest is actually decided by the screen sizes that the two devices are flashing. The Nexus 5 bears a phablet-size 5-inch screen while the iPhone 5S was made to do with a 4-inch profile, merely replicating the iPhone 5 serving already seen in Q4 2012.

Faster and more stable Wi-Fi connection

Not only that the Nexus 5 has expanded its connectivity reach by jumping into the LTE bandwagon, the device also boasts of the latest Wi-Fi chip that fully adheres to the 802.11ac wireless standard. That would mean Nexus 5 owners can access faster feeds from a router compatible with the new wireless protocol.

The phone can also connect while enjoying a wider range, experts said.

Better price deals

Unlocked, the most basic Nexus 5 model retails for only $350. While it's true that the iPhone 5S can be had for only $200 or less, the pricing model is applicable only for U.S. consumers who enjoy the subsidies offered by telcos in exchange for lock-in period agreements.

For the rest of the world, the Nexus 5 appears to dangle the best deal available for a flagship phone. For instance, buyers planning to grab the 32GB Nexus 5 with cellular connectivity will only need to pay $400 for the handset (or a bit more as usual the case in some markets).

For the iPhone 5S with similar configuration, the cash damage could go as high as $750 (or more, again in some markets), which for some would get them three iPhone 5S units should they opt to pick up the 16GB model.

The Nexus 5 currently is in display on the Google Play Store though reports of depleted inventory have been increasing latest as consumers race to secure the fast-disappearing KitKat 4.4 device.

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