Google Nexus 4 Sells at Harvey Norman, Videotron for Premium Price

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Seemingly unmindful of chronic stock outs since its debut last year, Google's Nexus 4 is hitting two major retailers in Australia and Canada next week, the development likely in line with LG's earlier pronouncement that global shipment of the smartphone will normalise beginning in February.

Australians, according to, can get the hot Google handset locally starting February 1 via Harvey Norman. As expected, the powerful device will cost more from its advertised price tag at Google Play store, the same report noted.

From $US399, this quad-core Full HD gadget will require $496 for Aussies to own, said, citing its unidentified source.

Harvey Norman's asking price for the Nexus 4, however, is a bit lower than that of Kogan, where the phone will also be offered soon. Reportedly, the hit handset will setback buyers by up to $519.

And the same goes for Canadian buyers. According to Android Central, Nexus 4 will make a landing on the higher tip of the North American region, courtesy of Videotron. While the news of the handset's Canadian debut did not include specifics on pricing, it is expected that the smartphone will be retailed steps higher than intended by Google.

It has been the norm so far. Nexus 4 could not be found on Google Play but the phone somehow find its way to retailers hands, who in turn thought it wise to jack up the unit price, probably convince that buyers, longing to grab the phone for so long, will buy anyway.

By the way, Videotron is the same Canadian outlet that carried the less popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android Central said,

So is it a wonder that sellers are picking up the Nexus 4 when buyers could hardly find a unit? Per LG, replenishments are on the way, with the company insisting in previous statements that production of the handset was pushed to so-called ramped up mode.

Likely, initial shipments have been reserved to retailers that were able to secure agreements with both Google and LG. This should explain why telcos and big sellers around the world started offering the phone.

If that is the case, it may take awhile before Nexus 4 returns to the cheaper channel though Google has assured that pending orders, many of them placed during last year's holiday season, will be fulfilled as soon as inventory would permit.

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