Google Nexus 10 2 Release Date in Q3 2014, HTC to Make the Tablet?

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Good news for Google fans, renewed rumours claimed that a Nexus 10 2 release date will happen on the third quarter of this year but HTC will be taking the helm.

It is known that HTC is not quite successful when it comes to creating a tablet but new rumours claimed that the Taiwanese company will be in charge of manufacturing the next generation of Google's 10-inch tablet.

According to the Taiwanese media Focus Taiwan citing newspaper Commercial Times, HTC has recently won the bid for manufacturing a "high end" Google Nexus tablet, which is bound to arrive in Q3 2014.

Very few details were disclosed. Thus, it is unclear whether HTC has won the bid for manufacturing the Nexus 10 2. Also, the "high end" part was cryptic and could mean that HTC and Google would be working on an entirely new tablet.

It was initially reported that Google Nexus 10 2 release date may not happen as the company is paying more attention to Nexus 6 smartphone. Learning its lesson from the past Nexus 10 tablet, Google seemed to give little importance to the 10-inch device because of the low sales of the previous device.

This could also be due to poor sales and the inability to really make a huge impact in the market, Google will drop the Nexus line altogether. This is the statement of Russian analyst Edgar Murtazin who argued that Google has plans to discontinue the whole Nexus line to make way for Google Play Editions of different Android devices. Google still has not made an official comment on this issue.

Moreover, rumours claimed that Google Nexus 6 is bound to arrive on May 17. Motoring Crunch cited an unnamed source from LG Electronics who said that the South Korean manufacturer will still be in charge in making the device and will be announced alongside LG G3. If so, Google could be working on the Nexus smartphone right now.

However, other reports stated that LG may no longer be making the Nexus 6. The recent acquisition of Lenovo to Motorola could indicate that the either of the two companies will be taking the helm for the next generation of Nexus smartphone. 

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