Google Nexus 10 2 Or Google Nexus 12: Mouth-watering With Visionary Specs

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Rumors about Google Nexus 10 2 have featured a 12-inch display with no menu buttons. These meant Nexus 10 2 would sport the same design as the recently released Samsung Galaxy Pro line of tablet.

Nexus fans were frustrated the Nexus 10 2 did not come out at the Consumer Electronics Show. The device has also missed a few speculated release dates but Google still remains silent about it.

Google has not even announced if the device will ever be released. While Google keeps mum about its future devices, Samsung took the opportunity to offer the market with four new tablets.

Critics said Google would need to redesign the Nexus 10 2. It was rumoured Samsung would build it, leading to speculations about a big screen with no buttons. Samsung launched its Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Note Pro, which both have large displays and the highest ppi of any tablet in the world. The displays are both 12.2-inches. However, others also think that Google would have ASUS or LG build the Nexus 10 2. @evleaks tweeted that ASUS will most likely build it.

Nexus 10 was launched in November 2012 and already aging by now. The fans are eager for a new gadget and anticipating the thoughts of a 10-inch screen and 2560 x 1600 ppi. Rumored features also include a Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 or Tegra 4 chip and 3 GB RAM. The camera was set to have 8 MP and will have 16 GB and 32 GB variants.

With Samsung's 12-inch tablets and Apple's rumored 12.9-inch iPad, a Nexus 12 seems plausible. The latest Nexus 12 render is ultra sleek with a Sapphire crystal display, made from a piece of matte stainless steel with chamfered edges and power button.

]The Nexus 12 render runs Android 4.5 with three different options: skinned one, stock and rooted with CyanogenMod. There is a dedicated Google Now button with a new notification system where messages show at the top of the tablet.

Other wishful designer ideas show a Nexus 12 powered by a 3.4GHz SnapDragin 2000 octacore processor and 12-inch Super AMOLED display with 5120 x 2700 resolution and 482 ppi. It includes 6 GB RAM, 32 MP rear camera and 5 MP front invisible camera with 8K video recording capability, 8000 mAh battery and USB 3.0 charging port.

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