Google Motorola X Phone: Release Date in June with Android 5 Key Lime Pie, Customisable Features?

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Some Google Motorola X Phone fresh 'insider' scoop has been making the rounds online, and it started just hours away from the Galaxy S4 launch late last week. Reports re-surfaced that Google Phone X could be the device to launch Android 5 Key Lime Pie and topple Samsung from its Android phone leadership.

"An old time friend (sic) shared some inside information about Motorola's upcoming devices, as a 'nice counter' to whatever Samsung announces," reports Taylor Wimberly of AndroidandMe. Wimberly's source raised some wondrous possibilities, from "X Phone" being a brand, to users being able to customise their phones like a PC.

Google Motorola X Phone Release Date: June 2013, Users to Customize Their Phones?

The insider says the X Phone is a lineup - not one phone only - to compete with the Samsung Galaxy lineup. This alleged new brand will reportedly be released mid-year. "If Google and Motorola reveal the first "X Phone" in May [at the the Google I/O event], then it could probably ship by June," reports Wimberly. The operative word here is "if." But what are the chances that Google won't make such an announcement in its big May event?

Meanwhile, Gadget Insiders suggested that Motorola X phone will run on Android 5 Key Lime Pie if it gets announced in May. is not convinced the latest major Android iteration is ready, though.

Wimberly's source said Motorola X phone will allow users to customise their mobile phone - users can choose from colours to RAM capacity. "Motorola will guarantee your custom device will be delivered in one week," says the site's inside. In another big scoop: "Software updates will be delivered by Motorola, and not the carrier."

AndroidandMe got some pretty amazing scoop. Gadget shoppers are advised to wait a little while until after the Google I/O event.


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