Google On A Mission to End Cyber Attacks

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A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto in this file photo taken September 5, 2013. Google Inc said October 17, 2013 that consolidated revenue rose to $14.89 billion in the third quarter from $13.3 billion in the year-ago period. REUTERS/Chris Helgren/Files Reuters

Google has declared a war on cyber attacks. Aiming to exterminate nasty computer bugs attracting hackers Google announced a mission to go after cyber criminals, reports CNN.

Project Zero

The mission is not driven by any selfish motives but it will be an altruistic mission. The special team is named as Google Project Zero and will extend support to any brand or product with the Google's team studying them for vulnerabilities and will suggest remedies. The products of any company-be it Apple, Microsoft, Adobe or even unbranded software can come under the ecrutiny of Google team.

Explaining the importance of the Google initiative Chris Evans, a Google researcher wrote in a blog that a climate of using Web without fear should come. It means no criminal or state-sponsored actor should exploit the software bugs to steal data or monitor the communications.

Team Project Zero

The team's Project Zero has some of the best experts who are well-intentioned hackers having vast experience in poking at holes in computer code and can suggest ways to patch them.

According to a BBC report, George Hotz known for hacking Sony's PlayStation 3 and Apple's iPhone is part of Project Zero. The effort of the group will be to identify problems in a software and pass on that information to the companies for corrective action based on the bug report.

Method of Action

As soon as the Google audit finds flaws in any software, the firm will be alerted. If no immediate action follows Google will take up the matter on their blog. If the bug is critical, then Google will ask the company to develop an alternative.

Altruistic Mission

Google claims it is part of the company's all-around altruistic mission to make the world a better place. However, Shuman Ghosemajumder, a Security expert said  Google knows that what is good for the Internet is also good for it. Constituting a team of coding geniuses will not cost much for Google compared to the returns it can get. According to Jay Kaplan, a former NSA analyst Google mission will earn it the reputation of taking cyber security very seriously. 

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