"Google Me!": Amanda Bynes Told Airport Personnel After Failing To Present ID


Amanda Bynes seems to be courting trouble often these days.

On Sunday, she was refrained from boarding a private jet because she could not present proper identification, according to reports. The incident happened at the Teterboro Airport where the actress was supposed to take her flight to Los Angeles.

The embarrassing scene reportedly started when the pilot began inspecting each passenger for identification. Amanda could not present anything as her driver's license had been suspended and she didn't have other form of ID either. When airport personnel insisted, that's when she allegedly told the pilot to look her up in Google to prove who she was.

According to TMZ, the actress had a mini schooling when she was informed of the TSA regulations which disallow passengers to fly without proper ID. It was then that Amanda pointed to Google with sources saying she even screamed "I'm Amanda Bynes!"

A representative from the airline was called by the pilot to see if they could let the 27-year old actress take the flight, but to no avail because airline officials insisted that no special accommodation be given.

This most recent incident comes in the wake of alleged drug use by the actress. She was spotted strolling around New York City in April while smoking what sources say could be marijuana.

Then also last month, two men by the name of Giovanni Arnold and a certain "Joe" talked to In Touch Magazine and claimed that they saw the actress smoke marijuana while sitting on her bed during an impromptu house party in her apartment..  

But when confronted of the allegations, Amanda tried to defend herself by saying "They're the ones into drugs, so they bring drugs, but I don't do them,"

On Wednesday night, she also tweeted " That's not my bed! Those aren't my toes! My toes are pedicured!"

Prior to this, Amanda was also photographed smoking an unidentified substance out of a pipe inside her car in September last year.

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