Google Maps Update Offers iOS and Android Users with Offline Mode Feature, Uber Integration and More

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A Google Logo is Reflected on the Screen of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone in This File Photo Illustration Taken in Prague
A Google logo is reflected on the screen of a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone in this file photo illustration taken in Prague, January 31, 2014. REUTERS

Good news for iOS and Android users. Apparently, with the new Google Maps update, mobile users can now enjoy a more productive day ahead without having to spend long hours contemplating how to get things done as soon as possible.

Google recently released its new version of the Google Maps app for mobile users with new features including lane guidance, offline mode, new filters, Uber integration and more.

"When your life is moving fast, you need tools to keep up with your pace," Google wrote on its blog as an introduction to the new update.

To get everyone started, here is the complete list of new features incorporated in the new version of Google Maps according to Google.

First, the updated version of Google Maps now has lane guidance availability. People should never get lost again with this new feature, which allows access to alternate routes while navigating the road. But most importantly, it keeps a driver from going down the wrong road.

According to Google support, iOS and Android users only have to select a place and then touch and hold the transportation icon to open the "guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation" and the correct lane they should be driving at will appear.

Second, Google Maps can now be used offline. By simply using the "Save map to use offline" feature, iPhone, iPad and Android users will be able to access the maps.

Third, users can now search restaurants, bars and hotels along with its opening and closing hours, prices and more with the new filters included in the update.

Fourth, Google Maps now has the Uber app, which according to its features can enable a driver to request a ride and pay for it through his or her mobile phone with just one tap. The update will let mobile users "compare ride with transit and walking directions" or jump directly into the Uber app.

Fifth, Google Maps now has more accurate public transportation information with more than a million public transpo stops.

And sixth, the new version has just given iOS and Android users a deeper integration with Street View that makes navigating a lot easier.

In 2013, many users had been disappointed with the Google Maps update, venting out their distaste with the app through the Google product forum sites. Will the 2014 update make the same "disappointing" update? Mobile users are yet to find out.

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