Google Makes New Strides in Android L Design

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The long wait after the release of Android Kitkat 4.4 in September 2013 is getting over after the developers preview of Android L came out. It gives string pointers about the new design in Android L with many new features, Business Insider reported.

What makes Android L stand out is the use of a new design language called "material design" that has new color palette with a right depth. Android L is littered with many new animations making it more fluid in terms of feel. 

Many videos are out showing the new look and feel of the lockscreen, notification bar, home screen, settings menu, recent apps and navigation buttons. Undoubtedly, it is totally different from the current KitKat interface.

More Battery Life

What is making news is the enhancement in performance and battery life. Google has claimed the new battery saver mode can boost battery life of the Nexus 5 by 90 minutes.

Areas of Change

According to Crunch feed blog, the changes that Google have made in the latest Android L is reflected in four major areas such as design, notifications, multitasking and Google Chrome.

The changes in design are very pretty. It seems KitKat's Holo theme has been replaced by a colorful theme, "material design" with softer edges. The user interface is made rich and shapes are simplified to give more responsive experience for seamless transitions. 

The dialer provides bright blocks of color. The notification hints a little tug to access additional controls. The Gmail typography is also effective on small screens. All the primary buttons are showing change with elegant geometric shapes and icons are looking pretty cool.


The multitasking menu looks different from the previous Android versions with a design that works more like a free-floating cards. It is appealing but the user friendliness will have to be ascertained.

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