Google to Launch Campus for Asian Startups in Seoul

The Local Start Up Community Involved In Google Campus

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Google has reportedly approved the use of Huawei’s in-house Kirin application processor to power the 2015 Nexus smartphone, replacing the Nexus 6. China’s Huawei has been widely rumoured to take over from Motorola in assembling the native Android flagship phone. (IN PHOTO) A Google logo is seen at the garage where the company was founded on Google's 15th anniversary in Menlo Park, California September 26, 2013.

Seoul will be the chosen city in which Google will launch its first campus in Asia, as a means to bring entrepreneur and start up focused initiatives. The Campus is set to be located in Seoul in South Korea, Google announced that it will be a space for entrepreneurs, developers, and other members of the startup community to mingle and hold events.

In a Google Asia Pacific blog post on Wednesday, Bridgette Beam, Senior Partnership and Program Manager of Google for Entrepreneurs announced the creation of the Asian campus. Google has chosen to set up its first Asian startup in Seoul as it is the largest city in South Korea.

Beam wrote that the initiative was taken to promote and support the entrepreneurs in Asia as they are the best. She also said that Asia has a lot of potential and talent and some of the best start-ups who make headlines around the globe are from Korea.  

"Korean innovators and entrepreneurs are some of the best in Asia," she wrote, also specifying that they are "especially in the mobile space." The aim of this space is to support this booming community of entrepreneurs. It will also receive support from their global and local teams as well. They have also made exchange programs with other Google campuses. Google has set up campuses in Tel Aviv and London, and will soon have campuses in Warsaw and Sao Paolo.

The local start up community will be involved in networking, training and mentoring. Beam said that since Google itself began in a garage, "supporting startups is part of our DNA." The hope is that the campus would "supercharge tech entrepreneurs, strengthen the startup ecosystem and encourage even more innovation in Korea."

Google has given only limited details about Campus Seoul. It also states that there will be other programs on the campus as well. This would include Campus for Moms which is a startup program for women with children and CampusEDU and Office Hours, they would all be mentored by Google.

The campus is said to be launched next year and hopes that it would harness and promote more talent in Asia, becoming a hub for start-ups and paving their way to success. 

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