Google Keen on Halting Android Defragmentation

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Google has recently rolled out Android Wear, a companion app, connecting all wearable devices to the handset devices as reported by Beta News.

The new app will give users the ability to manage their wearables and adjust their preferences for voice commands in the Android Wear and increase the user's experience. This is available at the Android Wear section on Google Play.


This is part of Google's effort to integrate wearable devices with other devices. With this, many tech analysts are tracing a strategic approach by Google. The search giant's approach to Android security has been analyzed by John Mello, Jr. technology commentator, in an article published in Techtimes. He observed Google is taking a different stand for Android in other devices barring smartphones.

Google seems to tackle fragmentation and get past it by preventing fragmentation from happening. There are millions of smartphones in the market and controlling millions of expectations will be a problem

Varying Android

The Android users have many versions of Android operating systems. They vary because it is dependent on parties other than Google. A majority of users are running versions of Android introduced in 2012 or before. What Google aims an open operating system that provides consistent user experience, as the article observed. It also gives an opportunity for Google to ward off criticism about the difficulties in upgrading to newer versions of Android.

In smartphones, such consistency across different brands is not very important. In the time to come, Google initiatives like TVs and smartwatches take off and consumers will demand more consistency between such products and smartphones. Such an emerging market will give Google more leverage to demand cleaner software interfaces from its phone partners, the article cited.

Since Android fragmentation is seen as a contributor to many security problems in Android, the Google approach in favor of defragging Android will pay off, the article stressed. 

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