Google I/O 2014 Things You've Missed: Android L, Android Wear, Google Unified Ecosystem, Google Play Services

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A Google Employee Wears An LG G Android Wear Smart Watch While Using His Phone.
IN PHOTO: A Google employee wears an LG G Android Wear smart watch while using his phone at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 26, 2014. The LG G watch was announced along with the Samsung Gear Live during the conference keynote. REUTERS

In case you've missed the recent Google I/O event this year, here are details Android's future, new Android Wear project, the upcoming Google Services and the new Open Automotive Alliance.

Android L Version

Android L Developer Preview revealed the extensive overhaul upcoming to Android devices. Next generation Android will boost application development, gaming experience, longer battery life among devices and 64-bit processing support.

  1. Material Design feature for developers to add colour palette and user interface patterns on applications.
  2. Notifications on the lock screen will receive several changes such as contents and updates access without unlocking, filter of feeds and small floating window to display notification contents.
  3. Updates on the "Recent" screen using "documents" to flip over tasks.
  4. Improvements on the battery life with Project Volta, Battery Historian and job scheduler API.
  5. Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral support on pedometer, heart monitor and similar devices.
  6. New camera support for uncompressed YUV capture at full 8 MP resolution at 30 fps.
  7. OpenGL ES 3.1 for games and Android Extension Pack for desktop-class graphics experience.
  8. New Android Runtime to improve performance of apps and better power conservation.
  9. Support on 64-bit architectures.

Android Wearables

Google's Android Wear will support various accessories such as wristwatches that adapts on habits by users. According to BGR, Android Wear learns the users' daily life activities to make the experience customisable. Notifications will come in three types - stacks, pages and replies - for users to interact from a range of services such as navigation and text messaging.

Android Wear is expected to support several wearable gadgets including Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

Google Unified Ecosystem

Google's new standards for their products and services will now become a part of the unified ecosystem. Google Glass and Android Wear are supported to connect with Android mobile devices via notifications and syncing to Chromecast and Chrome OS.

Google Play Services

Android Developers Blog unveiled the official changes included on Google Services 5.0 which will boost application and gaming experience for developers and users.

  1. Android wearable devices support data syncing and messaging.
  2. Play Games services will receive new options such as Quests, Saved Games and Game Profile.
  3. Indexing API for Google Search and Drive.
  4. Closed-caption support on Chromecast using Google Cast.
  5. Improvements on Google Drive and Wallet
  6. More enhancements to Analytics, Mobile Ads and security networking APIs.

BGR claims that Google will expand beyond computing and mobile devices by implementing a single ecosystem connecting Android and Chrome through Google Auto. It will set foot Google among top auto manufacturers including Audi, Hyundai, GM, Honda and Volvo as part of the Open Automotive Alliance.

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