Before Google I/O 2014: 3 Android 5.0 Lollipop UI Concepts

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One of Google's most anticipated events for the year is just 2 days away, but that doesn't stop artists and fans of the Android OS to create their own versions and concepts of the expected Android 5.0 Lollipop.

With all the expectations coming in for a reveal of the newest OS following the sweet Kitkat that's still rolling out to a couple of Android devices, Android users are looking at the Android 5.0 Lollipop as Google's answer to Apple's iOS 8.

While the information on the Android 5.0 Lollipop remains scarce over at Google's headquarters, here are a few UI concepts of the upcoming OS, care of artists and designers.

Starting it off with a concept displayed over at Behance, the project credits Roland Fejer and Code Build. The Android 5.0 Lollipop here has a clean lockscreen and simple unlock options for the user. There are also extended widgets with swipe functions, which requires two fingers to display the other widgets.

There's also the Home and Apps screen where users can see the weather widget alongside the redesigned icons, all of which have a very professional and clean appearance that does not jump out to the eyes.

Check out the concept images in the link above.

Craig Tuttle's Android 5.0 Concept

Another concept, this time from Craig Tuttle, has been compiled in a video. It shows off a few of the rumoured upcoming features. The video, found below, was spotted by Android Community, where a noticeable feature of the UI is the replacement of the Holo-blue colours with white.

Other features include a deep system-wide integration with Google Now, inside-message apps, multi-tasking apps and the updated interface that is in line with Google's thrust for change.

Considering that Android 4.4.4 may be more of a bug-fixing update rather than a drastic one, the Android 5.0 would be the best version to put in all of the additional tweaks and new features, particularly the proposed Google Now integration.

Widgets and Apps on Screen in This Android 5.0 Concept

It seems the Google Now integration is something even concept developers are really looking forward to. This Android 5.0 concept from Toshe Andonov also puts forward this integration, though with what appears to be a busier screen for the UI.

Concept-Phones reports there will be a lot of custom themes to personalise the look of the UI. The UI also makes available the vertical scrolling and multi-tasking features. Like Tuttle's concept above the app-in-an-app is also featured, this time from the notification drawer.

While the screen certainly looks busier, Andonov does present a way to give more free space on the screen by allowing the notification bar to move down and integrate with the navigation bar so users can run full-screen apps and still get more free space onscreen.

At the very top of the screen, users also have the search bar, which will let them look for apps and files very easily. Even when running apps, users can easily swipe down from the edge of the screen down to reveal the search bar.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the "smart" homescreen, as the used cards will be placed at the bottom while major cards are placed higher above the pack.

Check out the sample screens and major functions that Andonov's Android 5.0 features in the link above.

(Credit: YouTube/Craig Tuttle)

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