Google I/O 2014: 10 Nexus 8 Running Android 4.5 Features Expected In July Official Announcement

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Insider believes that Google is brewing Android 4.5 and Nexus 8 for July 2014 announcement. This may bring a sneak preview of the 10 different upgrades for the next-generation Android and Nexus line.

Google I/O 2014

Several clues have been unveiled regarding the upcoming Android 4.5 version and new line of Nexus devices for the year based on the details of the Google I/O since June 25. Some parts of the discussions on the event pertained to Android development and various Google services.

But there were tons of interesting aspects people should be aware regarding this year's upcoming event. Various Android features will be discussed, including wireless technologies, gaming experience, networking and even portable television applications on Android devices.

In 2013, Google gave a sneak peek of the next Android version after Jelly Bean called Key Lime Pie. In an animated presentation, Android was eating a pie while having a nice hangout with a young girl eating an ice cream on the cone. If you look closely, Android was actually eating something closely similar with key lime pie.

It was expected to become Android 5.0 version but several things have changed when it was released. Google hid the naming and development of next-gen Android that was released during Q4 2013. Google decided to call it Android KitKat in collaboration with Nestle due to the popularity of Key Lime Pie. But Key Lime Pie is still the code used by Google for Android KitKat.

Google insider from Dublin revealed Android 4.5 will be officially announced in July after Google I/O alongside the rumored Nexus 8 tablet.

Android 4.5 and Nexus 8 Features

As usual, we can see the changes of the latest Android 4.5 version in the first device running it. In this case, it's going to be Nexus 8 tablet. Some expected improvements included in Google I/O 2014 sessions are:

1.  Bluetooth upgrades

2.  Better gaming experience via Play Store

3.  Daydream feature gets more updates

4.  More support and improvements in graphics

5.  Enhancements in Android Cloud services

6.  Accessibility upgrades

7.  Portable TV app

8.  Better scripting on Android OS

9.  Networking support enhancements

10.  Upgrades of audio performance and battery life

Multiple improvements based on what Google did on Android KitKat version could be expected such as having lighter RAM requirements, better graphics rendering and improved multitasking compared to other versions of Android releases. But is it going to be for everyone?

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