Google Inspiring Australian Tech Entrepreneurs

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A big chunk of Australian technology professionals are caught by Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial bug, reports The Australian. Quoting a leading angel investor, the report says the new breed tech entrepreneurs are heavily inspired by Google and many of them are Ex Googlers.

Google the breeding ground

The report quotes Steve Baxter, an angel investor in many start-ups such as TXT4Coffee and DoseMe, saying that a data in the market suggests Google as the main breeding ground for budding entrepreneurs in Australia. He says Google is the equivalent of what IBM was in the olden days. In the past, the computing behemoth was the launching pad for technology careers. In our changed times, Google has stepped into that role.

Silicon Valley Effect

The Silicon Valley effect of start-up culture has affected many in the Australian IT industry. Baxter joined Google for a short stint in 2008 and returned to Brisbane in two years.

Describing Google as a great force producing entrepreneurs, Baxter is sure that no other organisation can match the stature of Google in that respect. Though people may leave Google for many reasons they all carry home the passion for entrepreneurship.

Google Effect in Australia

In the past decade, Google served as a catalyst in spawning so many start-ups including Canva, Shoes of Prey, Sneaking Duck Eyewear, Qwilr, The Photo Diner and First Order.

Cameron Adams, the co-founder of Canva is another Ex Googler with more than three years of stint there. Google Maps co-founder Lars Rasmussen also stepped into invest in Canva.

Adams joined Google in 2007. Despite his love for the Google job, he wanted to be on his own. He left Google to start an email company called Fluent along with two other Google engineers.

Business as Adventure

Adam says doing business gives a feeling of adventure where one can do what they want with a great deal of freedom. Derek Lidow, a trainer for entrepreneurs also moots the need for focus in business as a goal and the need for drawing others with an understanding on why you are taking the challenge.

Team Building Lessons

Adams recalls how the lessons he learned from Google became invaluable in building a successful team later on. He is all praise for the kind of standards that Google is upholding in its operations.

Adams also credits Google for the art of effective communication he learned. There is great value in team cohesion and in leading a team together in one direction.

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