Google Glass Latest Updates—A Demo Test for Glass

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A Google Search Page Is Reflected In Sunglasses.
A Google search page is reflected in sunglasses in this photo illustration taken in Brussels, May 30, 2014. Google has taken the first steps to meet a European ruling that citizens can have objectionable links removed from Internet search results, a ruling that pleased privacy campaigners but raised fears that the right can be abused to hide negative information. REUTERS

Google Inc opens up some of its offices at San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York for a Google Glass experience.

Wednesday this week, potential buyers received an e-mail stating free demos of Google's computer-enabled eyeglasses can be scheduled for those interested. "Sit down with a Glass Guide, take in the view and see what Glass is really like," invited Google in the e-mail.

Consumers who want to test or want to learn more about the technology must first schedule an appointment at any of Google's "Basecamps" at San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York.

Google has given three appointment type options when scheduling appointments.

According to Google, users can schedule for a fitting demo where the user can check for proper fitting of Glass and make sure that all their queries are answered. The second option will be for users who have issues with Glass or have more advanced questions regarding Glass. Lastly, users who want to experience Glass and find out what Glass can do may also set an appointment.

Google Glasss users are also allowed to bring one companion with them during their appointment. Guests must be 13 years of age or above.

Google Glass was made available to the public last May. However, the device was originally made available for those in the U.S. and could only be purchased if stocks are available.

Over the past years, Google has been improving the Glass project. This early version, not final, was marketed to average consumers.

Since its release, various upgrades and dozens of applications have been added. In mid-May, Foursquare, Tripit and OpenTable apps were added. Last month, The Guardian, Duolingo and the AllTheCooks apps, among others, were all also added to the device.

The latest upgraded Glass now has a 2 GB RAM from the previous model which only has 1 GB RAM and will make running applications faster. The battery was also improved which gives the device over 20 per cent longer battery life when mixed with Google's firmware updates.

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