Google Glass Introduces ‘Nod To Pay’ Feature; Available as Free Service

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Google Glass is now available to the general public for a price of $1,500 and it can be ordered online. It is worth noting that, the Google Glass model on sale is the 'Explorer' version that is still in beta. However, the 'mobile payment systems' are a hugely convenient option and the tech companies are trying to make the most out of utilising this payment system in their wearable devices.

As an example from the past, the company 'Isis' introduced the concept of mobile payment by 'waving' the smartphone on a store's POS terminal in order to make a payment.

Nod to Pay

There is a new app that takes the mobile payment system to a whole new level. 'Eaze' is a Google Glass app that allows Glass users to link to a virtual Bitcoin wallet to make mobile payments. As a first step, users should activate Eaze app with a voice command. Followed by, using Google Glass's camera to scan the QR code provided by the store, associated with the chosen product, according to Tech Crunch. Once the QR code is scanned, a 'head nod' by the Google Glass wearer completes the mobile payment transaction.

At this point in time the payment can only be made in the stores that accept Bitcoin. This incredible feature from Eaze is not just convenient, it is easy to use. The company has explained the process in the form of a video clip. Interested readers can check out the video from Youtube.

Notably, the idea behind the app 'Eaze' is to provide a way to make mobile payments via Glass; as such, the app cannot be considered as a virtual wallet. In order to be able to pay virtually, a user will have to link or connect the app to an existing virtual wallet.

Presently, it supports and Coinbase. Both and Coinbase are leading bitcoin wallets with more than three million wallets across the globe. The company is also planning to add support to currencies like Dollars and Euros, among others; in addition to linking the app with PayPal in the future.

Security and Free Service

Eaze is planning to add another layer of security by allowing the user to set a spending limit that cannot be altered without a PIN authentication. The company Eaze is not stopping with Google Glass, instead they are planning to bring this payment technology to other wearable gadgets like the smartwatches, and bands, among others. Adding cherry on top, Eaze is as a free service at this point in time.

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