Google Glass 'Up For Grabs' in the U.S. at $1,500 [Watch YouTube Clip]


Google Glass has announced the Glass Explorer Edition is up for sale in the U.S. at  $1,500. Until supply lasts, anyone can have his own pair of this smart gadget.

According to the post in Google+ from Google Glass, the company tries out new ways to find Explorers. The post read, "We learned a lot when we opened our site a few weeks ago, so we've decided to move to a more open beta. We're still in the Explorer Program while we continue to improve our hardware and software, but starting today anyone in the US can buy the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as we have it on"

This announcement is a giant leap from the limited rollout that the company conducted on April 15. For the limited one-day availability, consumers who bought the gadgets were asked to sign up to become part of the Explorer program for early testers. The new program that Google Glass launched was still considered as part of the Explorer program. As the company moves toward more open beta, it will offer the open purchasing option prior to the full-blown market release.

"We're ready to keep meeting new Explorers, and we can't wait to hear all your experiences and feedback to continue to make Glass even better, ahead of our wider consumer release," Google Glass said.

Know Your Mobile cited this wearable gadget boasts a built-in 5 MP camera located at the right eye. This feature has a display resolution of 640 x 360 pixels and 720 video capture. It also comes with a bone conduction transducer, which directly transmits the audio to the user's ears, although there is an optional earpiece that can be connected using a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Google Glass specifications also includes storage capacity of up to 16 GB, although the only usable portion is up to 12 GB. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features that allow users to download contents, check emails, play online games or surf the net.

The data stored in this device is fully synced with the Google cloud. The glass frames have three adjustable nose pads to fit any size of the face. It runs on an Android 4.0 Kikat and has several apps installed with it like a typical smart phone. Those who wish to grab their own units of Google Glass and join the Explorer program need to fill out the form from Google.

For those who are already part of the Explorer program, watch the "Thank You" clip on YouTube.

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