Google Glass Gets Style Revamp from Ray-Ban Makers; Expects 2015 Release

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Gone will be the days that Google Glass wearers will look like cyborgs with the Glass' nerdy design. With Google's partnership with eyewear giant behind lucrative brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley, future users of the flagship wearable technology will be more confident to flaunt the gadget that is smart and fashionable at the same time.

Luxottica Group, an Italian company said in an official statement that it would design and develop the innovative and iconic Google Glass as part their partnership with the California-based technology giant. In their Web site, the company shares that both corporation will work with team of experts who will devote their efforts to make the Glass a high-fashion and innovative technology. Luxottica also highlighted that two of its major brand-Ray-Ban and Oakley-will have a significant role on the design collaboration with Glass.

Google Glass in their Twitter and Google + account confirmed Luxottica's announcement citing that they "agreed to join forces" with the eye-wear maker, acknowledging the Luxottica's leading reputation in creating luxury and sports eyewear; however, there are no disclosed information about new products nor when the collaborative design project would start.

Google Glass is one of the Google's flagship wearable technology that allow users to record what their eyes can see and communicate on the internet using voice commands. Using hands-free technology, the device can connect via Wi-Fi and can share photos and videos in the social networking site Google Plus.

Despite the hype of Google Glass' popularity, the first edition of the device handed to the 10,000 first users called the "Explorers" is not that pleasing in terms of design, and Glass definitely needs a design revamp to ensure that users will look good wearing the gadget.

Luxottica and Google's partnership is indeed strategic. A report surfaced from Forbes that Google's announcement of doing business with Luxottica relatively increased the Italian company's market share with more than 4%, raising Luxottica's founder's fortune with over $700 million.

The more fashionable Google Glass is expected to reach the global market in 2015. The device is available to Google's Explorer Program for $1500, but there are no disclosed details yet on how much the Glass would cost when sold from Luxottica stores.

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