Google Glass: The Best New Thing in Advertising?


Advertising's fast-paced industry is marked by the many turnovers and turning trends. And it is in this aspect that the Google Glass may find its niche as a potential power player.

So you can just imagine how Google Glass can function in the future society. People wearing them on the streets as they go from home to work to their social nightlife, all of them connected to their computers, with just a word.

The best thing about this is that it can be taken literally-at least in the ideal world for the Google Glass. But can a fraction of this possibility really exist for the Google Glass?

Google Glass in the creative market

Dreamtek points out two main areas where Google Glass can make it big in the creative industry. The first is the original hype that came with the project-augmented reality.

For some people, this is still science fiction territory. The digital world may see a boom with all the gadgets and apps that keep us connected online. However, taking it out of the comforts of an app and actually living in a digital reality? Seems highly unlikely.

Timely social media and reporting is also a potential use for Google Glass, because, as Dreamtek reports, the ideal is to be able to send real-time updates for those who may be immediately on the scene. Talk about up-to-date.

New developments for Google Glass

Aside from the sighting of Google co-founder Sergey Brin sporting a Google Glass pair in a New York subway, it seems that the Google Glass has seen a standstill.

However, End Gadget reports that Google Now seems to be a possible addition to the project. in an interview with Babak Parviz, project lead for Google Glass, it can be a good complement to the gadget.

Other updates for the specs include a bone-conduction feature for private audio, according to Slash Gear. There have been reports of a patent application from Google that hints at how this feature may work, such as how it can be a computing device that functions with an indirect bone-conduction speaker.

One major advantage of the bone-conduction feature is that it allows the wearer a degree of privacy, unlike with other gadgets that have aimed to use a similar function.

Nevertheless, Google Glass still has a long way to go in terms of refinements and features for it to truly take the medium to a whole new level. But the good news, according to Slash Gear, is that more information about the Google Glass may come after developers have the chance to examine and explore the Glass Explorer Edition headsets at Google's Glass Foundry, scheduled at the end of January.

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