Google Glass to Be Available in 2014

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Search engine giant Google is aggressively branching out into new markets. In 2014, the tech firm will make available to the public Google Glasses.

However, future buyers of the glass, which could take photos on voice command, are forewarned that it may cause motion sickness to new users.

The video captured by the device includes clips of twirling ballerinas, ice skaters spinning, child inside a giant bubble, kendo match, ping pong battle, ice sculpting, and a hot air balloon ride. The video also demonstrated some functions featured by Google Glass:

  • Clock
  • Video recording
  • Sending a message
  • Connecting to the Flying Club
  • Searching for photos
  • Weather
  • Photo capture
  • Webcam streaming
  • Turn-by-turn street navigation

Google also expanded pre-orders asking "bold, creative individuals" to tweet or use Google to earn the chance to get a pair. The hashtag on Tweeter that can be followed is #ifihadglass. Unfortunately, only US residents are eligible to join the promo.

This technology used to be seen only in fantasy movies and the famous anime -Dragon Ball Z. Google will soon make a reality the spectacles with several functions that only smartphones and computers could perform before.

Google Glass is a hardware device and different from Google Goggles which is a software that can search the Web based on photos and scans.

Some technical specifications of Google Glass are:

  • Android OS
  • Motion sensors
  • GPS
  • 3G, 4G connections
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Front-facing camera with flash

Google is also experimenting ways to fit Google Glass over existing glasses so those who are wearing does not need to use two sets of specs.

Even with the optimistic results of the device, Google Glass has several engineering issues such as how the screen will work on darkness and under bright sunlight, and possible display problems for clear viewing. Wearable displays today must be at least two feet away from the face to be readable.

The New York Times gave clues on how much Google Glass would cost, while several Google employees hinted it would have a price tag like a current smartphones which would be about $750 or £500.

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