Google Glass Banned in UK Cinemas to Curb Piracy

By @MazumdarTarun on

It looks like people cannot sport Google's latest gadget in cinema halls in UK. Google Glass has been banned from cinemas as they fear it might play a key role in piracy.

According to a report on, the Cinema Exhibitors Association has banned any wearable technology like Google Glass in the auditorium. The Association, which constitutes close to 90% of UK's cinema operators, has announced that patrons are not allowed to wear any wearable gadgets that can record images. Anyone found wearing in the auditorium, will be asked to remove it or asked to leave the premises.

Phil Clapp, chief executive of The Cinema Exhibitor's Association revealed that the decision was made due to fear of piracy and film theft.

He explained to that "a precautionary approach is the right approach in this circumstance."

Phil stated that, unlike mobile phones, it is difficult to figure out when a wearable gadget like Google Glass is recording.

According to Vue Entertainment, the patrons will be asked to remove the Google Glass after the lights dim.

"Vue recognises that technology may change and this type of device may eventually become widely adopted and even replace traditional glasses, so we will keep this policy under review," the company explained in a statement

The statement also mentioned that banning Google Glass while movies are playing is the best decision for them.

However, Google has a different view on this issue. It stated that these concerns can be easily addressed. Google mentioned that the cinema operators can ask the patrons to switch their Google Glass before entering the auditorium.

"The fact that Glass is worn above the eyes and the screen lights up whenever it's activated makes it a fairly lousy device for recording things secretly," said a Google spokesperson to the Web site.

Google Glass has already been a controversial gadget in U.S. In the beginning of this year, a man from Ohio was interrogated for illegal movie recording. 

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