Google Casts Chrome Targets Australian TV

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Google may help Australians to turn their ordinary television into an Internet technology by launching the Chromecast device. This will definitely shake the $4 billion TV industry. Chromecast is useful to stream online content such as music, movies and videos to the television. But it has been launched with only three local partners.

The Google's Chromecast device is a very small computer and the USB stick costs at $49. To start the device, plug the Google Chromecast into the television HDMI port. By providing some power, the device will show all the contents that have been streamed from a smartphone, tablet or a PC.

The Chromecast does not interrupt any other functions on the smartphone. While the contents are getting streamed, you can provide multitasking on the device. Google's Chromecast is very popular in the industry as the top player replacing the traditional TV into a high-tech model. It is widely used in the U.S. and other markets where content partners like Netflix and Major League Baseball have signed up to publicize their products on the Chromecast platform.

But in Australia, it might be because of its new technology will be limited with the ABC's iView platform with media rental service Quickflix and Foxtel's fledging movie service Presto as initial partners.

Google is still in talks with the local content owners. But it is possible that these players will not join hands so soon.

The Chromecast is attuned with Google's media library, YouTube, Google Play's music, TV's and movies. The applications will automatically update and stream all media contents from tablets to television.

Mario Queiroz, Google's vice president of product management, is confident about Chromecast being popular among the Australians but refuses to quote any numbers or forecasts that will be successful in Australia.

The Google Chromecast supports both Apple and Android. If their products, iPhones and iPads, smartphones and tablets, Mac and PCs are running Chrome and Chromebooks then the Chromecast connects to the television easily. They work by creating their own wireless networks which devices can communicate through multimedia.

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